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How much do you open up?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 6th, 2012

Are you more of the type who is dumb as an oyster or are you more of an extrovert?

Hit your keyboards!

Any notice is most welcome…

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Wait, dumb as an oyster? That’s an idiom I have never heard or read anywhere before. Is that dumb in the sense of “deaf and dumb”? Did you make that up?

If you did mean it in that sense, well then being silent does not necessarily mean to be an introvert. Extrovert/introvert refers to whether social situations energize you or sap your energy; it does not necessarily refer to how talkative one is.

For instance, I’m a loquacious introvert!

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I also had to read that a few times, and I quite like it. You mean dumb as in not speaking and clamming up like an oyster? I am a bit of both and somewhere in between. However, I have suddenly taken a new slant on life. I am going to become as dumb as an oyster. Most people are not worth even cracking my shell open for.

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Open book, for the interested few

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My question is : Do you just close up like an oyster?

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I am very introverted but am become more talkative as I get older. I am more open on sites like this because I express myself well in writing.

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I open up as seems appropriate. I am cautious. I need to know people first. Trust is something that grows strongest if it grows slowly.

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I tend to open up more in one on one situations. Even then I have to have some trust in the other person.

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I’m an introvert with a talent for getting people to say things to me they say to no one else. I tell them all about my darkness and they realize there is no way I could ever judge them. Oh depression is a fun ride, sometimes!~

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I’m thinking English is not the Asker’s native language…

I am introverted, and prefer quiet and solitude or maybe just a couple of friends around. But I do enjoy conversation and have no qualms with revealing most of my experiences and opinions when relevant to the subject. I believe in being honest and direct, so I am not one to hold back my feelings about something.

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I suppose I’m an oyster..
The more I trust someone, the more I’ll speak to them. A lot of people don’t seem to have the patience to gain my trust though. I’m quite talkative around my family though..but there are just some things I don’t want anyone knowing so I’m still very secretive about my emotions and thoughts and what not.

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Like a prostitutes legs!

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I take a long time to open up. And saying that much is a lot for me.

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I’m as open as the day is long. Introverted to be sure, but totally open.

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I was going to make a joke here. But I don’t want to be bannhammerd.

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