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Are cell phones dangerous?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 6th, 2012

Do you think cell phones are bad for your health?
And most importantly, do you care about your health?
1)Do you use a cell phone? If yes, how much time do you spend on it? Do you think your health is at risk?
2)Besides a cell phone, what type of wireless technology do you use? Do you feel safe using it?
3)Are you the type of person who errs on the side of caution, or do you take risks?
4)If your doctor told you not to use your cell phone for long periods of time would you agree?
5)Do you think children and teens should have their own cell phones? Why or why not?

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1: Yes, not that much and no, I don’t.
2. mp3 player and laptop. Yes.
3. I’m usually cautious. I don’t think it really pays to take risks.
4. Yes. I don’t even use it that much anyway.
5. Depends on how mature they are. I believe kids over 13 should be old enough to own their own cell phone.

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I smoke a pack a day and drink like a fish. The cell phone is pretty low on my list of concerns.

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According to Stephen King, cell phones are something that can turn you into a raving murderer. Otherwise, I have absolutely no idea if they’re actually dangerous or not.

I own one, a flip phone. Although the only calls I ever get are from strangers asking me what my favorite horror movie is. I don’t use other wireless technology, although my PS3 has wireless capabilities…which usually suck.

I care about my health, but probably not as much as I should.

I don’t take many risks, at least not before knowing what could happen. Like, I might venture into some unknown woods, but I’m not gonna slap a bear in the face anshit. cells in the woods lol

If my doctor told me that my cell was hazardous to my health, I might stop using it, that is, if they said it was really causing something serious…but with all the cells and wireless devices around me every day, I’m not entirely sure how safe one is from magnetic Odin death waves…

About teens, I denno. Why not I guess…it’s not from my generation, but I understand that this is a huge part of the teen culture today. (and a shitload of adults too, guess I’m rural or something) I had a TV and a phone in my room as a teen, and I wouldn’t have wanted them taken away. although sometimes, they were So I wouldn’t deny a young teen his or her cell, as long as they’re not being completely immature with it. But if it was my teen, it’s their responsibility to pay for it. Not sure my old self would see the immediate necessity for a cell when I have a perfectly good working landline at home. I mean I could buy it for them and get them started, but it would be their job to maintain it.

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It’s all relative. I drive a car, live in an urban area, and work in the machine shop at a foundry, so I am exposed to far worse dangers than the relatively miniscule RF radiation of a cellphone or the wifi in my laptop.

If you are risk-averse enough to feel cellphones are a danger, then you should never venture outside of a lead-lined underground vault with bottled air because the world is full of far worse dangers.

As for whether kids should have phones, that is a social issue, not a health/safety one, and given the tone of this question, I feel that that is being the scope of discussion.

@Symbeline RF radiation is everywhere. Do you have a microwave? Those are worse than any phone. Do you live anywhere near a radio station or an electrical substation? Those also have EM/RF radiation. We won’t even get into Cosmic Rays and solar flares.

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@jerv Yup, that’s pretty much what I figured…my dad explained this to me years ago, so apparently, even if it’s dangerous, you can’t get away from it, so not having a cell doesn’t make a difference.

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I do believe they cause brain tumors, but I have no evidence to support it.
Just that a lot of people who use them a lot die of brain tumors.

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