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I need help looking for a slightly above average juicer?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) December 6th, 2012

Links would be greatly appreciated!

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I squeeze juice almost every morning. I have a two dollar hand-held plastic juicer that works just fine and dandy. It feels above average to me considering the price.


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serenade's avatar aka “rawfoods” on YouTube is the best site I know of. Extensive, unbiased reviews.

My knowledge is a couple of years old, but if you want to go above the $100 mark, then look into the Omega 8004, the Green Star Elite, and the Norwalk. The Norwalk is the Cadillac of juicers. I have the Omega 8004 which is very good and efficient (especially with leafy greens). The best thing about it, however, is that it is very easy to clean—just 5 parts. When it’s easy to clean, you’ll use it more.

I bought the Omega 8004 because it is easy to clean, good with greens and it seemed to be the best overall value at around $250.

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We have a Juiceman (~$80) that is perfectly adequate.

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@zensky: You also need slightly above-aerage wrists to squeeze large amounts of juice in that.

Here’s a good site with a compare and contrast video that is not-bad…too wordy.

The guy wrote wrote and stars in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead hawks a good juicer.. the Breville.

(The movie is a treat and worth seeing even if you are not overweight, popping steroids and Australian.)

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I have a Greenstar juicer. It will run you $500 or $600 but it is excellent.

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Oh come on seriously – 500–600 dollars? It’s juice. Sheesh.

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@zensky, try juicing spinach or even a cucumber or apple with your juicer. Or a carrot.

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Have you heard of the vitamix? Its not a juicer but I have used it for juice and much more. It is really spendy but it is truly top of the line. In tons of ways.

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So it’s spendy and trendy.

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The Greenstar does something in the way it breaks down the fruit and vegetables, that makes the vitamins easier for us to absorb them. There is a reason it is so expensive.

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@zensky juicing period is trendy. But I have found its the best way for me to consume all my vegetables per day. Plate after plate of vegies… I mean they are good But often I find myself throwing out fresh. Now I just use up the left overs by tossing it in with some herbs and chia and maybe some honey molasses or fruit.

Although I am not technically juicing because I don’t strain the pulp or fiber it all gets chopped up and if its too thick to drink I just add more water.

Then I have juice for the go and meal. Onions are my limit, the onions we get here aren’t sweet at all. They are potent.

Even vivaldi, completely takes over the drink, oh and beets I love how beets make me feel but I found there is such a thing as beet breath. I have as of yet to adapt to the taste.

So if you spend a lot up front but end up saving in the long run and are healthy besides is it not worth it?

I mean some people go to the juice bar and buy a drink for 4 to 6 dollars, or spend it on energy drinks or some sort of pick me up snack. I don’t. That is how I justify the expense.

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@JenniferP Your machine must work wonders for you! I find it admirable that you are engaged in health the way you are. It’s something I strive for! That machine looks like one that a smoothie/juice shop would hold. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to drop a couple hundred bucks on a juicer yet however! But thanks for giving me insight into the juicers realm :D

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A couple means two. Hers costs 600 dollars.

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I do hear that the more expensive ones leave more available nutrients… but my $80 Juiceman has no problem with carrots or kale (haven’t tried spinach).

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@zensky-Money is an issue for you, so you probably shouldn’t buy one.

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