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Which movies are quite good even though they did not have great dialogue?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22527points) December 7th, 2012

Just wondering. Thanks-!

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The Red Balloon (if you remember it) had NO dialogue. Wonderful movie.

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@Sunny2 I don’t know. That balloon spoke to me. It was annoying-! Lol.

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I thought Titanic (97) was good movie even though it had some pretty cheesy dialogue.

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Mannon of the Spring. It was in French.

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Well it’s not that the dialogue was bad, it’s that there is so little of it; Eraserhead. But it’s a lot more of a visual movie with symbolism and shit, so maybe that’s why. Even if the dialogue or acting may be bad, the movie is so messed up that one barely notices.

Now cmon, cut this chicken. ’‘scoots it over to you’’ Don’t be a pussy, cut that bad boy!

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Jerry Maguire was a pretty good movie, even though the dialogue was pretty awful most of the time.

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Quest for Fire has literally no words that exist in any modern human language.


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All the Rocky movies are classic examples of this, although to be fair, the first film had a pretty decent script.
Harold Lloyd’s films are of course world beaters in their field.

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A Walk in the Clouds with Keanau Reeves.

A gorgeously shot movie with a good dramatic plot. Sadly, much of the dialog was overwrought and then there’s Mr. Reeves. Stiff as a board with all the acting prowess of a telephone pole.

If it comes on, watch it on mute.

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“Into the Wild” about a young man going off on his in Alaska. It did have some diary voice-overs and a little dialogue.

“The Bear”

“Never Cry Wolf”

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@janbb: With a good soundtrack by Eddie Veddar though.

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yes – such a good, sad movie.

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Dialogue is the weak point of all the Star Wars movies, but they make up for it in spectacle.

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@filmfann: I found Chewbacca and R2D2’s dialog to be intelligent, subtle, and engaging.

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