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Sending out e-Christmas cards?

Asked by 2davidc8 (7938points) December 11th, 2012

For Christmas/holiday cards, are you sending out e-cards, or are you using old-fashioned snail mail?

Well, I got off to a late start this year, too late to be sending out cards by regular mail, so I’m going to try e-cards. Can you suggest some good sites that I could use?

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Never. Not for 40+ years. First, the cost of the cards and postage makes it somewhat of a burden.

Second, if people look at Christmas cards the way I do, they read them for a second or two, and never again. And they get tossed two weeks later.

I’d rather phone.

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Snail mail. And it’s not too late within the U.S. until about 21 Dec.

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I send them by mail.

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Always Snail mail.

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Snail mail here too. I’ve heard so many friends and relatives talk about the fact that we mail them Christmas cards with appreciation. It matters.

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It’s not too late. You still have plenty of time. It only takes a couple of days to deliver anywhere in the US, most of the time.

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Is “going green” not a consideration at all? Most cards end up in the trash right after Christmas, I would think.

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I would, but sadly most of the people I send cards to (aunts, inlaws, etc.) don’t have eMail.

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If you’re going green, don’t send them electronically, either. It does take energy to send out an email blast, and no one’s going to read it on email. If you mail it, they might read it. Email always gets lost in the shuffle.

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Good points, @cookieman and @wundayatta. I know some folks who not only don’t have email, but refuse to use a computer. Thanks for the reminder.

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