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How do you thin out muscular thighs?

Asked by Pandora (27064points) December 11th, 2012

I have moved into my new home 6 weeks ago. It is a three story town home and I am constantly up and down the stairs. I have noticed that my thighs have gotten muscular and thicker. All of my pants are now tight. Although I appreciate that I also getting toner everywhere else, I do not like having thick thighs. My thighs have always been easiest part on my body to get muscular, so I never would do exercises that would bulk them up. Unfortunately, I can’t simply stop going up and down the stairs. Things always need to get done.
I’m hoping someone in fluther has tips (other than stretching half my day away) on how I can counter the effects the stairs are having on shaping my thighs.

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It could be that any fatty tissue sitting over the muscle is giving that big look because it has nowhere to go but gone, eventually.

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Eating fewer calories will lead to muscle loss as well as fat loss. I’m guessing that’s the only solution, since “spot reducing” isn’t a real thing.

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You can reduce the load on your thighs through imagination.
Try this right now: stand, and imagine yourself suspended with a piece of strong from the top of your head, like a puppet. Your head should feel as if it’s floating up, and you will feel your spine elongate.
When you climb the stairs, keep this sense of “up” and lightness. Because you are reaching out with a lot of muscles upwards, the load on your thighs should be less. I don’t know if it will be significant enough to thin them out, but in any case, it’s really healthy for your body—stops the spine from collapsing and it activates your core muscles.

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I love nice muscular thighs. Screw it and enjoy them.

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LOL. I would if I wasn’t 5 ft. nothing.

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