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Is it me? Why the rash of religious questions?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16357points) December 14th, 2012

May we bow our heads in silence for the lost ones, when we are able .Please share when you have met: Ghost or Alien, True only! Any other stories welcome.

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The questions are preordained. We are merely the players in the asking. ~

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I don’t know except attention seeking. I really don’t give a dam if a person is an atheist, a Christian, a Catholic, or any other. It is meaningless to me. People say they are an Atheist as though it’s supposed to illicit a reaction from people. I say if you are good for you. Whatever you believe in if you feel peace, serenity, you are a calm person with some conscious. Then good for you. I had a friend who’s Higher Power in AA was electricity. He got sober on that thought.

I will add though, most of the questions coming up would be called “flaming” or prejudice on Yahoo Answers. (And I have little respect for YA), but at least they are mindful of some of the intentions behind a question. Yes that is the point really intention to ask a question.

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Confused by the details.

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I raise you. Why anything? :D

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@_Whitetigress I split hairs with you; why not anything XD

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It’s you.

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Yes, what do the details mean?

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Questions come in with the tide and then retreat. The tide of religeous questions tend to clump, as do other subjects. A given question may inspire other questions of the same ilk. Yes, we have recently experienced a mini flood of religious queries. Next up may be vampires. You never know. Stay tuned.

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It’s not you, so I’m now bowing my head in silence to the ones that have been lost to the rash of religious questions.

I have never met Ghost or Alien, if that were only true! ;-p

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I was one of those people who asked a religious question . A coworker died suddenly and I had to meet with some others who are “religious”. I didn’t have a clue how to handle it.
I asked here because I genuinely respect some of the contributors and knew I would get a useful answer. The info was exactly what I needed.

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@bookish1 I’ve always preferred “flunkering”

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@Seek_Kolinahr : Ah, good one ;)

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I’ll admit that I’m obsessed with both asking and answering them. Religion and politics seem to go hand in hand, and religion has a drastic impact on how some of us live our lives. I live in Jesus is the only Way territory, and my philosophical stance pertaining to spiritual matters are more easternlike than Abrahamic. Religious questions also have many facets, so to me (a theist) I never get bored with them.

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