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What could I do to take Fluther out of my head for a complete 24 hours?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18967points) December 15th, 2012

I just thought that Fluther’s been in my head than other things that I probably should be thinking about more. So any brilliant and funny ideas are expected here. Thanks. : )

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Unplug your computer and take it to a friends and tell them to not give it back for at least the next week no matter how much you beg. Then, hop on a plane to Californi and I can put you to work cleaning the goose barn, burning my brush piles and baling out my hot tub. In exchange I will feed you well and let you look over my shoulder while I fluther. lol

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Now that…I don’t think will work. : )

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Uh… Do something else. The moment your fingers type in “Fl” into the search bar, erase the letters and bang your head on the desk while smashing your fingers in the door. Make a sandwich and watch scary youtube videos or all of the episodes of the Twilight Zone in B&W.

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Oh goodness, that’s a hard one! I think you’d have to go cold turkey, but of course during that time you’d think more about at first… But no-one here would want to lose you, even for a week!

Oh damn, you wanted brilliant and funny ideas! Erm… You could put the cold turkey on your head a la Friends and then you’d probably have things other than Fluther to think about!... (It’d raise some interesting questions from you after that too!)

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Well, it happened for me with no effort on my part: for a day and a half I got the Neptune cartoon and the “over capacity” message. No choice but to go do something else.

It just cleared suddenly and as if by magic half an hour ago.

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@Jeruba Neptune cartoon-?

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The same guy you see when you search on a user who’s no longer here, only in a different pose. God of the sea, with a crown and a trident. The trident is his symbol. Here’s a classical depiction of him. Neptune is his Roman name, and Poseidon is the Greek.

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Three words: hookers and cocaine.

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Build a 5 story house of cards.

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@Jeruba Same here, only that error started for me two days ago and finally cleared last night. I cleared my cache but it was an exercise in futility as I had done it not long ago. It was a mystery.

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Download a self-banning program and use it. I need to do the last part myself.

It won’t necessarily ‘take fluther out of my [your] head’ but it will stop you accessing it.

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Some very potent LSD. Also, don’t forget the grapefruit. Vitamin C, you’ll need all you can get.

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What “Strange Syndromes” on You Tube, or Serial Killers! Cook loads of food and freeze it for the week. Dance naked in front of the mirror and love your funny bits? Pen letters with a feather and ink to all your family members, wipe all the light bulbs in the home (you’ll be surprised). Volunteer to help a needy society? Offer to clean out kennels at the Dog Rescue Unit. Hunt for the largest Turkey on earth, stare at all the “where’s willy” posters. Stare at your own willy? Oh I have so many ideas.. need more?

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Cleaning kennels wouldn’t take Fluther off my mind since I got that suggestion here-! Lol. Stare at my own willy…well…that sounds…( zzzzip ).... ..... ..... ......

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Carve your initials (backwards) into a cork. Use it as a stamp with an inked stamp pad.
Monogram each sheet on a roll of toilet paper. Makes a great holiday gift if you make a stamp for each of your friends. You can do all the stamping, or you can wrap a roll of TP with the stamp and stamp pad and let them do it themselves.

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@Jeruba and @Coloma – when that happens and if clearing the cookies doesn’t do the trick, try using a different browser, that will usually do it if the problem is with you not fluther and in this case I think it was.

Anyhow, I just cleaned out the cockatoo cage and believe me, that took my mind off of fluther! He is the messiest bird I have ever had. If he doesn’t like what you offer, he literally flings it onto the floor of his cage and then poops on it!

The other suggestion is to get a real life!

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That’s what happens when cockatoos hang out with pirates. : )

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@mazingerz88 Just stay we will miss you :)

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I go up north for the weekend. We have no internet service there.

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Delete your account. All it does is make it so you can’t login. Lisa can turn it back on for you. Through my multiple breaks it was enough to keep me away. Obviously use common sense. She will get irked if you ask to turn it on and off 10 times a day. But if you need a few weeks to do other things it might help.

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@johnpowell, how do you appeal to Lisa through a PM if you can’t log in? I’ve never dared try it myself.

I also wish that deleted (and gone forever) accounts looked different somehow from those that are suspended and are expected to be reactivated.

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