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How to manipulate or persuade very large groups of people?

Asked by Questionsaboutstuff (265points) December 15th, 2012

Are there any good books on how to manipulate or persuade lareg groups of people like a country ?

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Manipulation is dishonest and of low integrity. Persuasion also carries a very fine line between the two, with the difference being solid reasoning vs. dishonest communication and deceptive attempts to sway others. I don’t know of any books but I am sure you can find a wealth of duplicitous tactics online. What exactly is your goal? To be a cult leader or a dictator? lol

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The bible?

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Sometimes its good to learn the tactics of other people so you can stop yourself falling for those very tactics

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:/ I’m trying to learn this stuff for a project but ok guys

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Are there any other sites this this I could use?

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A project, eh? – look up Cialdini. I will say no more.

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I’m looking for something more like “The Sword And The Shield” what says how Russia manipulated people to start wars, over throw governments, etc

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A scapegoat is always a good start. I would almost say the foundation for swaying people to something else.

Everything is so much easier when I can blame someone or something.

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You might try reading excerpts from Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Good luck with your project!

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Modern day mass manipulation is called Marketing. And there are loads of books on marketing.

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Totally agree with @ninjacolin. You could also look at texts about the role and use of public relations and advertising.

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As Fly said, read up on Hitler and the Nazi’s. Specifically Goebbels, their “Minister of Propaganda”.

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Try Naomi Klein’s book “the Shock Doctrine” about how the American people have been manipulated by fear. Or Michael Moore’s film ” Bowling for Columbine.” Or sociological books on the art of persuasion or books on rhetoric.

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Take a PR class. Helpful stuff, there.

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I would suggest looking up charismatic people. Like Nelson Mandela for example. But also Google Traits of Great Leaders. They do share commonalities. On the negative, you could also find information on Cult Leaders and Traits they Posses.

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