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Are you able to laugh at yourself ?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 15th, 2012

1)Laughing at our own flaws doesn’t spoil us but helps us getting over them. Well, do you think you do the same?Do you enjoy laughing loudly? How do you react on finding a friend throwing a prank on you? Do you share your most embarrassing situations with your friends?

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I’m hilarious.

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1) Yes, I always laugh at myself, even when things are going horribly wrong by other people’s standards.
2) I do.
3) I love it! But it doesn’t happen often because, normally, I’m the one playing pranks on my friends…but I know one of these days I’m going to get pranked and won’t know what hit me seeing as I have a few outstanding “unpaid prank debts” lol
4) Yup. Whenever something embarrassing happens first thing I do is call my brother and sister because they get a huge kick out of it, and then I tell my friends.

My borrowed philosophy is: don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyway ;)

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I think it’s essential, otherwise you run the risk of having your head permanently inserted deep up your arse.

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I find self-deprecation to be easy and often useful.

I never have played a prank on anyone and would hate to receive one.

I share embarrassing moments with family and friends (and have to be restrained from telling strangers if I think it is funny enough.) They reciprocate.

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I am famous for it. After the most difficult and painful breakup I ever had, which was with my first girlfriend, I walked out to my car with tears streaming from my eyes, just barely able to hold it together.
I then realized I locked the keys in my car. I stood there and laughed.

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Yes, particularly when it involves mirrors and nudity.

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^^^Milo here; I too find it very easy to laugh at you when it involves mirrors and nudity.

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Have I mentioned I’m a dog person?

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^^^MIlo here; Big whoop. That doesn’t change the image of your naked body in that mirror. I bet the dogs are hooting with laughter also.

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I’d better be; otherwise I’d be terribly depressed.I also use age as an excuse for some of the stupid blunders. I share my biggest bloopers with friends who invariably sympathize. I went to a meeting with 2 other people at a restaurant. I waited. I put my feet up on the banquet in the waiting area and promptly fell asleep. . . for 2 hours. I had the wrong day, but a nice nap. Nobody bothered me and the wait staff had only small smiles when I finally woke up. I went back the next week when the meeting actually occurred. ha ha

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^^^I Hope you’re a big tipper..

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^^^ If it was an IHop and the small waiting area an alcove was off the main line of traffic, do I still have to tip generously? There was nobody there but me.

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It would have been nice. The staff provided an extra service at no charge.

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I will laugh at myself in front of others. But inside, not so much. It’s not that I don’t see how ridiculous or silly or funny I might be. It’s that I feel like I don’t count when people laugh at me. It may be in fun, but I still feel lessened.

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Yesterday I farted in front of my boyfriend for the first time. We have been together for over 6 years. I had to laugh at myself otherwise I would have cried!!!

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