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Do you have a sweet tooth?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 16th, 2012

While having tea or coffee, what do you have along?

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I used to but now I have more of a salt tooth.

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Just a sweet tooth? My whole set is sweet to the point where I am starting to worry! I could do without regular food, but cut anything sweet out of my life and I won’t be making it! I think there must be a problem somewhere!

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Which is the same thing that is happening here: http://quiz.j-14.com/quizzes/354680

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@Highbrow Have you not an original thought in your head?
Really, there must be some shred of originality in that mass of gray matter that sits atop your shoulders. :-/

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I’ve been looking through his responses to questions, and they are almost entirely copy/pasted as well. Why would anyone do that?

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@glacial Your guess is as good as mine. haha

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