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Do you like the idea of Robots taking over a lot of human functions?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) December 16th, 2012

Maybe have a quick chat to Evie

How did you conversation go?

It is said more and more that Robots will be taking over human functions. There is a ‘bot’ too, that talks to people if they have to die alone. It is also said that Prostitution Bots will be big news someday soon. No doubt buy a wife bot will become popular if this is to occur?

Perhaps counseling bots will arrive where counseling can be done at home, in privacy with a huge data base for referral. Whats you opinion of all this? Is there a place for these bots realistically?

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No way, dude.
I’d rather interact with like an actual person.
Bots just creep me out, man.

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I’d go for for the all around handyman bot, otherwise, no.
Creepy. I wouldn’t want to be counseled by a machine. If bots take over the world does this mean the government will pay me 80k a year to do nothing? In that case, sure, bring ‘em on. lol

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Sure. And besides, it has been that way for decades.
Robots build cars, machines and other robots.
Robots fly aeroplanes (autopilot).
Robots do surgery.
Robots mow your lawn, and vacuum your carpet.

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@TinyChi Loll, I love bots.

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Nah, bots can’t interact. They don’t have perceptions. I don’t want to deal with one. For all their imperfections I’ll take a human any day. If it’s a repetitive function they’re okay. If it’s taking care of my heart I want a person.

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I tried that Evie. She got the colour of her own eyes wrong so there is still a bit to go with her.

Robots have already taken over different things as can be seen in the way that the workforce in different industries have dropped due to machines doing it instead so there is a place, but I think a percentage of humans will always prefer the human touch.

Just as an example, I know people that will stand in a queue at the supermarket rather than the self-service scanners that are empty and it’s because of the human aspect, so this will probably be the same even though more of them will undoubtedly appear over the next couple of decades.

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@TheProfoundPorcupine Dude, those self service scanners always seem to have some kind of problem and make things complicated, it never shuts up either. I always have to ask for help with those things..
I think they need to work on those things a little more so they can actually do what they’re supposed to do without any help from another person.

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In defense of Evie (my good friend) she is not having the best day regards chatting!!

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I for one welcome our new robot overlords…

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@TinyChi There is one supermarket chain in the UK that is well known for their self-service machines being useless. I use them to see what kind of reaction I will get from it and you know something is wrong when you weigh 3 apples and it insists they will cost you £178.

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@Shippy Evie must have had a heavy Saturday night then.

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@TheProfoundPorcupine OK, so say for example, I just show the machine one apple, instead of the four I have?

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@fremen_warrior Me too!!! none emotional chat – divine!

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@Shippy You then have to place it in the bagging area where there are scales so it picks up if the weight is different from what you have put through (saves scanning milk and getting away with a microwave) so it all stops and won’t work until a member of staff scans a card that they carry.

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Seriously though, robots scare and fascinate me. I will probably witness much change in this respect within my lifetime – I just hope I can keep up with it…

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I know a car plant that only hires guys named Bob, all of their cars are handbuilt by Robert’s…..weird stuff!

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Evie: You make sense to you, maybe, but you don’t make any sense to anyone else.
Me: I don’t need that sass!
Evie: You need pie.

I started translating what I was saying into Swedish. I don’t know Swedish, but it’s the funniest thing to hear Evie pronounce it.

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Wow this robot is weird. It seems to follow through with me, but based on conversations it had with other people. Odd, as I’m the only one using this computer. My guess is here, there isn’t actually a robot, you’re just talking to other people who are talking to ’‘Evie’’. Otherwise I don’t understand at all how this program comes up with its answers.

and she accused me of killing the class hamster, srsly wut?

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We had better find things for human beings to do and ways to support them. And we wonder where all the jobs have gone? I saw a wonderful machine being used in Germany. It cut weeds along the high way, going down into a gully and back up, disposing of the grass and debris. It took one man and the machine going over the same route twice. It probably displaced at least 10 men and took ¼th of the time the men would have. Did any body consider that when the mechanized plow, winnower and reaper arrived? Probably not. What we need to do now is find ways people can be productive as volunteers or as government paid workers in other jobs. In Russia,they have many more ‘attendants’ in museums, parks, hospitals and other ‘make-work’ kinds of activities. To buy something, you go through 3 steps, each requiring hands on by at least 3 personnel. We may have to do something like that. Robots may have enormous consequences for our work force and our community functions.

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Evie looks perfect and she tells me she has no fillings in her teeth but her responses lead me to believe she must have been dropped on her head at some point in her life.

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No way is Evie going to pass a Voight-Kampff test.

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I like robots taking over difficult and dangerous functions. I do not want them to take over creative functions. I don’t think they can do that.

Evie is pathetic. She doesn’t know what she eats for breakfast. She thinks she is a human. She doesn’t know how to frown. It was a most ridiculous discussion we had.

I do not expect much from artificial intelligence in my life time.

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I asked her what she thought about the Carpathians, and she said she doesn’t believe in ’‘bitting’’ necks. That’s right, it’s not a typo, it’s what she wrote and said, pronouncing it as bit-ing.

But it’s actually kinda creepy how she made the relation from the Carpathians to Dracula/vampires…

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Robot as assembly-line technician? Sure.

Robot as proctologist? No thank you.

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Many tasks can be done much faster with robots, and are safer to operate.

When I saw a picture of people shoveling snow from the streets of their town in China, I felt sad about all the snow plows that do the work in our towns. It seems better to use townspeople in the local streets.

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As a maintenance technician I’ve been one of the few people who has made a living out of repairing robots and automated equipment. Maybe I’ll become worried when robots have the full ability to repair themselves, and other robots. Hopefully I’ll be retired by then.

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