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How often do you look at people's profile pictures?

Asked by BBawlight (2400points) December 17th, 2012

Weird question, I know.
I’ve been wondering this for a while, and want to know how often you look at profile pics. I unconsciously do this (I guess consciously now) when I’m talking to someone over the net, and it somewhat tells me that person’s personality.
Do you do this?

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I only salivate over Simone De Beauvoir’s profile pictures. ;D

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Here ,or like on FB? I do on FB because I get email notification they have changed theirs. Here I might if the pic is odd enough for me to want to see it better.

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@woodcutter Um… Everywhere. I mean. Like my profile picture right now, did you pay any attention to it when you clicked on the question? What about Blackberry? If so, does this picture influence your perception of them?

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I have to say that I did not look at your avatar, I hope you aren’t offended.

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I rarely go to someone’s profile unless they really interest me. I also rarely read other people’s responses to the questions unless I see that my name is brought up. Then I read it.

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I did click on Jenny’s

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I hardly ever look at the Fluther avatars. The women that I’d e attracted to are too geographically vague and distant, so no reason for me to get some obsession in my head.

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Very very rarely.

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@woodcutter I’m not. It wasn’t like I expected anyone to do what I do.

I must clarify what I mean by “looking at someone’s profile picture”. I mean the avatar that you see when you read someone’s post. Like the one next to this one. I don’t mean going to someone’s profile. Sorry for that…

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I do if I notice a change or if I go “what the heck is that?”. Otherwise not so much. I do occasionally look at profiles generally though.

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All the time. I also read their profiles. It gives me a sense of the person.

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The avatars are postage stamp small so in order to get a clearer view of them you pretty much end up going to their profile anyway.

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Whenever I notice a new one. I like to see the various pictures people pick.

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@Bellatrix Yeah. I look at them sometimes and I’m like “that looks like something funny”, so I end up squinting at the screen because I’m too lazy to go to the profile.

@woodcutter I’m surprised to see that some people’s pics are clear even when they’re tiny. It’s almost rare.

@SavoirFaire I’ve picked maybe ten different pictures. I change it according to my mood, or how I act at that time. Like right now I’m like, “I don’t care”...

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I like to take everything in. The profile picture, username and what the user posts. I find it hard to not notice the picture.

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I identify people by their profile picture rather than looking at the name. I put a name to the picture, and that’s it.
It really throws me off when people change their photo.

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@AshLeigh Me, too. Haha.I look at the picture and the name and I’m like “this can’t be a copy”.

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It helps me identify the user when scrolling though. I usually notice an avatar change.

I did yours. I notice certain people have maintained the same ones while others change it quite frequently.

I’m not sure what we means but it helps me understand their response and personality how it jibs.

I build inner profiles of people in my head components include avatar choices.

When I first enter a site such as this, Who am I kidding, this is the only forum I’ve used consistently But in general I get overwhelmed by persona’s.
I call myself a character person. I am driven to figure out people’s stories and how that shapes them today. Influence personality perspective.

All fascinate me equally. Not that everyone hooks me in right away some are louder or clearer voices or just get more attention not necessarily in a good or bad way. Just different.

When I write novellas short stories they have are character stories. Each person’s response or question is a piece. A tiny particle of info about themselves. Not just in the answer but the way they convey it. Who they interact with. I like putting those pieces together.

When I am stuck on a problem I try on a perspective to another til I find an approach I am happy with.

It is nice to share or bounce ideas off of others to encourage to stimulate and be stimulated by multiple personalities.

Pictures are just a quick way of accessing that profile and garnering more info.

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@rosehips That answer was just awesome… Lovely.

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Not really as they are too small here. On the profile page I will look at the avatar.

Hint: check out my “communicator”.

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@zensky Haha I noticed that before

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@BBawlight Thanks. Great question!

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I always look at them. It’s interesting when sites (such as this one) have very small avatars on posts, so I may assume an avatar is something completely different than what it actually is until I see it full-sized.

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I do occasionally just to be nosy.

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