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Have you noticed dogs who resemble their owners?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) December 18th, 2012

The first one I noticed, was a fat, gray wire-haired dachshund. The lady at the other end of its leash had gray curly hair, a rotund body and skinny legs. A perfect pair. Can you imagine a dog or other pet you could resemble and describe the two of you?

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There is a book about it. My aunt is in it. She was walking her two dogs and a man approached her and asked if she would take a picture with her dog for the book. She said yes and mved towards one of the dogs, but the man corrected her and said, “no the other dog.” The other dog was the more dishevled looking of the two. LOL. True story.

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I’m really more concerned with owners who resemble their dogs, in that they seem to think the perfect resting place for dog poop is wherever it lands, even if that happens to be right on the sidewalk in front of my gate.

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Oh for sure. All the time.

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@Sunny2 Too funny. I have noticed but also have seen dedicated dog people who in no way resemble their pets.

This is not limited to pet and pet owners but married couples… Maybe it is the same phenomenon after all.

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Yes. They’re called “conservatives.”

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I just checked out my avatar, I suppose there is a resemblance but the dingo’s ears are bigger than mine and I wear glasses, other than that, yep we could be identical twins!

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Lady & the Tramp theory.
Apparently, Hamlet had a Great Dane, although I may just have made that up for comedic effect.

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I like Toy Poms (?) loll @rooeytoo

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Unless you mean the size of the dog compared to the size of the owner’s genitals.

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Not recently, but, my 17 lb. cat and I are starting to look alike, we love our Fancy feasts. lol

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If I had a pet that looked like me, it might be a squirrel. I have a similarly shaped face, big eyes, grayish hair, somewhat large front teeth (although not like those of a rodent), but not as fancy a tail. But wouldn’t it be fun to have one to swish around?

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Well, my dog is a white female. I think that’s about the only resemblance!

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It’s a metaphor. So people can see resemblances anywhere.

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So I googled this and a rudimentary study revealed there is a resemblance.

This is only linked between owners of purebreeds. Because people with mutts often choose them for many different reasons and because if acquired as a puppy are apt to change unpredictably in appearance.

The study showed that people chose a breed that somehow reflected or resembled them in a recognizable way.

This is probably true for married partners as well.

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