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Is anyone else anxious about Dec 21? I'm nervous and feel dumb about it.

Asked by Aster (18143points) December 20th, 2012

I am really jumpy and anxious about tomorrow. I feel stupid being this way; I don’t Really think anything will happen. Anyone else on here bravely admit to being nervous too?

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I’m not nervous about the world ending, just what kind of crazy things people will do if they believe it’s ending.
To settle your nerves, it’s the 21st in Australia and I haven’t heard of anything weird happening. :)

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ok but I think it’s only relevant if you live in the Mayan’s timezone. I am so nuts. I think everything has to do with the US and I can’t seem to get over it.

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@AshLeigh Michigan has closed a lot of schools over it today. I’m shocked.

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It already is tomorrow, today. The world is round, and has many time zones, why would the end of the world be scheduled to your specific time zone. In the far east it is well past Thursday, and even here in Spain we are only 30 minutes off midnight.

Don’t waste time worrying that tomorrow the world may end, instead worry that it will probably stay the same.

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My s/o said it is the 21st in Tahiti today!

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You’re not stupid, just getting caught up in the hype. Shut the TV and read an engrossing book or watch an escapist movie. Little warm milk and cookies – off to sleep, and before you know it, tomorrow will be here and you’ll be just fine.


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^^^^^ cute.

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I am but not because of any of this crap, because of something very different.

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I’m nervous about tomorrow because I’ll be taking my driver’s license test. Gulp!

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@Aster You know that it’s all centered around you. The world will end wherever you are at noon your time. The good news is that you won’t notice. It’ll be over before you can figure out what is happening. It’s probably going to be a comet and it’ll land right on top of you, so you’ll go instantly, while the rest of us have to suffer before we go.

Or does the end of the world not mean death? Maybe it’s metaphorical?

Or wait. The Mayans did not actually predict the end of the world. It’s just the end of a cycle. Like New Years Eve is the end of a year. A new cycle starts instantly.

But never mind. Isn’t it delicious to feel that frisson of fear?

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I am in tomorrow. It is already the 21st here. I am still here writing to Fluther. No, I am not anxious at all.

If it were true, which I don’t believe at all, there would be nothing you can do about it. I would suggest a cup of camomile tea…

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I am not in the least bit nervous about that day.

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Upon taking astronomy, biological anthropology & art history in college there’s no need for this fear for me.

My art history professor specializes in Mayan culture

Here’s a YouTube interview

Keep in mind Dr. Van Stone has a deep background in physics. He then studied the Mayans after having studied physics.

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When nothing happens will you agree to stop believing the end of the world bullshit?

And god cares about New Zealand a hell of a lot more than Alabama.

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As a child, I remember hearing from school mates that the world was going to end on a particular day. It scared me. My parents never mentioned it, but I went to sleep afraid I wouldn’t wake up the next morning. I remember waking out and finding it wasn’t true. After about the fifth time of going through that, I kind of stopped worrying. My mind says, “Don’t be silly!” But my other mind says, “Yeah, but what if?”

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Thinking about what if destroys your soul. It stunts growth. Fuck it, make the best of the day. Give a stranger a hug and hamburger, shake the hand and compliment someone you work with.

Try to be the best person you can and help people in need. If there is a god and heaven you will be rewarded. And you can take a piss on hedge fund managers.

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As an astronomer, I can tell you for an absolute 100% certainty that the world is going to end, but I’ll bet you 50 bucks it’s not tomorrow.

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Not at all worried that the world is going to end, but I am a little worried because there have been a lot of gun/violence threats made for tomorrow in our school district. What the fuck is wrong with people???

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Not even slightly. People have been trying to predict the end of the world for as long as we’ve had a world. Why put so much faith in the Mayans to get it right? We have a lot more knowledge than they had. And anyway, how is it supposed to occur? If something were actually on its way here to destroy us, we’d have noticed its approach long before now.

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I’m not.

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Anymore my hand wringing is reserved for the way folks willingly get caught up in Apocalypse.

I keep waiting for it to become so pervasive that the Kool-Aid is actually forced on me.

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I topped off the gas tank just in case.
at $2.80 a gallon I couldn’t resist.

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@augustlan, threats?? What, people are saying they’re going to go shoot up some schools? That doesn’t even make sense. What could that possibly have to do with some flaky old calendar?

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@Jeruba Some kind of weird confluence between the coming apocalypse and the Sandy Hook shootings, no doubt. It’s the reason the Michigan schools @Aster mentioned above are closed tomorrow, too. Not just a local situation, obviously. People are crazy!

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Nothing magical or supernatural will happen tomorrow. At worst, a handful of nuts will commit suicide, or worse, kill others a la Sandy Hook.

But as far as ‘the world ending’, no.

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@woodcutter Wish gas was 2.80 where I live. It’s still 3.20 here.
@augustlan I can’t believe people want to threaten kids at school over some obscure date. I can’t believe they want to threaten kids for any reason. Some people suck.

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Jim is singing again… “People are strange….”

It’s 12.52 pm on Friday. The world is still here. I think the crisis may have passed…

I’m stunned schools closed because of this, or was it because of the threat of violence against the children?

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The Michigan schools closed for a varying amount of reasons hon. They figured that parents would keep their kids home because
1. weather
2. start Christmas break early
3. A week after the school shootings and parents are still on edge.
4. people that believe the world is going to end and keeping their kids so they can “all die together”
So Michigan figured low class attendance and so they just decided to let it be. I too have a weird, uncalled for nervous twitch for tomorrow and every time there’s a huge following to a “world ending announcement” just because one of these times someone’s gonna be right… (maybe)

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Our schools closed here in Wisconsin because of a massive snow storm.

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People need excitement, I guess. If the world isn’t exciting enough, they make up stuff.

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Thanks for the clarification @Daisygirl. The first three make perfect sense as reasons to close a school.

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I just realized we have a @Daisygirl and a @Daisygurl. That’s a little bit confusing.

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Thanks for pointing that out @Jeruba. I hadn’t realised there were two Daisygurl/girls either!

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If the world ends, there won’t be any “you” to worry about how the world has ended. So don’t worry.

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So, are we supposed to stay up or something so we don’t miss it?

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I have come to terms with the fact that death is inevitable, and that that each day is one day closer to my last. None of us knows when we will die, and any of us could die this minute. As such, I try to live my life in such a way that I won’t have regrets or unfinished business. Life is clearly too short for us to waste the time and energy so much of us spend on such petty things.

I suspect that adults who fear death or the end of the world are having a crisis of faith, in a sense. Are you prepared to die? (which is not the same as wanting to die) So when you wake up tomorrow, make peace with yourself and your belief system Then live as though it were your last day on earth, and do the same the next day, and the next… one of these days, you’ll be right.

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What precisely is supposed to happen? At one squidgy-second after midnight the entire planet will vanish? All 6.580 sextillion tons of it (that’s the current estimate of mass)?

A sextillion is 10 to the 21 power.

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It means after tonight…..

no more bacon…nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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I’m not. Worrying about it is indeed pretty dumb.

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Actually more worried about my combatives test tomorrow.

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Well here we are. Still here. Or can this still go down?

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Anybody for a the day after the end of the world party?

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My daughter just told me the time for our demise is 9.20 tonight. So, still time for a party @zensky.

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Yay! I got the beer.

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I have cheese and crackers….

Oh and I can steal my daughters fancy cider and I have wine.

We need music.

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I have heard a couple of good reasons NOT to be alarmed. First the mayan calendar does not include leap years, so the end actually happened quite some time ago and we are still here.

The other was that the mayan calendar ended on 21/12/12 because they ran out of stone!

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The time I’ve heard is 11:11.

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All these times, but which time zone? Are we going to use GMT time?

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Did the Mayans have clocks? Sundials are notoriously inaccurate.

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Anxiety is a difficult thing. We all going to be fine. Even I’m not worried :))

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No offense, but the only thing that bothers me about this kind of stuff is that so many people take it seriously. You see there is this thing called science, maybe you have heard of it. It is pretty good at predicting things. If you want to get upset about something, you can start paying attention to global warming.

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I have come from the future (well, 7–10 hours ahead) to tell you all is well. Stand down. Chill out.

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I posted two links in that regard. Science may not be perfect but it is certainly more accurate than myths.
The Mayans believed this was an end of an error. They did not say it was Doomsday.

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^^ era?

I’ll settle for 9:20 PM AET, where Bellatrix lives. Why not? It is, of course, tomorrow there, at least for now.

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I think the best part of this whole Mayan end of the world thing is that the Mayans don’t even believe in it. I met a lot of Mayans while I was in Belize and not a single one of them thought it meant the end of the world. Its just the end of a cycle. The way I see it and some of the people I talked to agreed with me is this, here the Mayans were and they made calenders that stretched thousands of years into the future. Why the hell do they need to work on another calendar? They had a few thousand years before they’d need the next one.

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Nope I am not, only thing I am worried about is what to do Xmas day! And lets not forget new year!

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I am not anxious. The Mayan calender ending is just a coincidence.

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I don’t think there was a time put on the calendar.
The world isn’t ending today. :P

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It’s now 6 am 22/12/12, we made it, no disasters on the news. Praise the Lord!

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That is what I also read.

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Not worried now, passed the combatives test this morning, got my certificate. Now what is all this end of the world talk about again?

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Since if it were going to occur, theres no way to stop it or avoid it, worrying about it does no good at all.

But, seriously, had I not come to Fluther and seen this Q, it would have slipped my mind altogether.

So, no I’m not worried :)

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@Rarebear – I was looking for Nibiru last night, but only found Jupiter.

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@RocketGuy All I saw were clouds.

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so… are we dead yet?

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Maybe this is where we end up after the world ends…? I’m not noticing any difference from the way things were.

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The world as we know it as clearly ended. The NRA wants to put armed vigilantes in all our schools.

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Stop buying into every conspiracy theory and learn to think for yourself. There is always going to be a new end of the world date. You could die in a traffic accident tomorrow, why drive yourself nuts while feeding the attention seekers who thrive off of the fears of others?

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Gosh, lets not be so hard on @Aster those of you who are implying she is too impressionable. She says at the top she already feels dumb about it, which implies she know her anxiety is ilogical and unwarrented. It’s just when you hear soething enough it can make an impression.

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I also suffer with anxiety about silly things. I have empathy, I only wish to explain.
Some days I wear lucky colors despite that I know it is on the crazy side. My luck is probably mostly in my head.

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Wait, are we in injury time now? I mean, the world is just going on with us getting extra time to play in for the time when we couldn’t play while sick. But as soon as the referee decides, then it’s end time again! So don’t go around feeling like you dodged a bullet. This will end one day. We just don’t know when.

Although, if you find the referee, let me know.

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No. I worry about real dangers like climate change and predatory capitalism.

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So we survived 21 December 2012, lets worry about this year…

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