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What makes In and Out such a great brand besides the food?

Asked by sarahpariso (67points) December 21st, 2012

Again for a research project, but just trying to figure out my In and Out is such a beloved brand. Thanks!

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Well, the name is very memorable… Wanna take a guess why?
But I’ve never been there and never would as I’m a vegetarian.
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Because the food is fresh! It’s high quality. Those are real just cut french fries, not fake “fries” like McDonalds. And the milkshaKes are real with real milk and ice cream.

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@bookish1 They have a veggie option on their secret menu! and yes the name is a great point, thanks!

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The open air atmosphere? Shouldn’t it be Out and Out? : )

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I thought you were talking about the movie.

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I agree with @bookish1. The name is catchy.

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