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How often do sail powered wooden vessels currently cross the atlantic ocean?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10196points) December 21st, 2012

Just wondering if anyone is still accomplishing this, or when was the last time they did accomplish this?

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I don’t suppose it’s a frequent occurrence, simply because fewer and fewer builders (and sailors) choose to combine “sail” and “wood”.

There are any number of square-rigged (still!) sailing vessels used by various coast guards and navies around the world as training vessels (the USCG for several decades has owned and operated the steel-hulled barkentine Eagle), and I know that the Brazilian, Portuguese and German navies do the same. These ships frequently travel to “show the flag” (and their crews’ proficiency) at foreign ports, and they often visit the US when we have “tall ships” affairs. Some of those ships are wooden, but more often than not they’re steel for durability, ease of maintenance and cost.

There are also a number of wooden-hulled privately owned vessels that make transatlantic passages from time to time, but most modern vessels are made of other materials, including steel and fiberglass.

But wooden ships and boats aren’t dead!

I just don’t know where you’d go to get that specific information, since I don’t think it’s tracked on any official or even “common” databases.

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@CWOTUS I suppose it’s not really even noteworthy if it occurs? But I would be impressed.

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More often than one might think.
Tall Ships America
Pinta & NiƱa

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I think there are rafts of immigrants still doing it.

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This isn’t wooden-hulled, but aside from being a sailing vessel it’s also a square rigger, which you may have thought died out in the 19th century. This thing can sail anywhere in the world – and should, too!

I love this amazing boat.

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@cwotus excellent

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