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Is having tuna, crackers and cheese particularly healthy to have every weekday during lunch?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) December 26th, 2012

Was wondering if the mercury content would add up to be unhealthy.

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Sounds good, just not too many crackers and it should be great

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Tuna has mercury. You shouldn’t have more then a can or two a week.

Also where are your vegetables?

It sounds like you could be doing worse. Although having the same thing repeatedly means your diet will have nutritional holes in it.

You can subsitituting try for hummus and carrots or celery snap peas or broccoli.

Make one day a sweet potato and apple raisen day.

Or buy a salad from a good salad bar.

Broucshetta homemade with capers and onions some herbs way better then anyother brouschetta you could get in a restuarant over some french bread.

Those are a few idea alternatives.

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I’d be more worried about the fat in the cheese.

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If you’re worried about mercury try having sardines instead of tuna as their mercury level is much lower and they have a greater amount of healthy omega 3 fats.

Saying that, the entire combination does not look too healthy to be eating every day IMO. Still a combination of tuna or sardines, wholewheat bread and some healthy cheese (cottage, gouda or feta) in a dressings-free salad sounds better :)

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Having the same thing for a meal every day is not good no matter what it is. Variety is best.

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I don’t think it is a good idea to eat it every day. Crackers and cheese are both very fatty, and usually the saturated fats. Crackers might even have transfats which some people believe are very bad. Why not eat bread instead of crackers?

Tuna, as people mentioned has mercury. Especially if you eat other things that might have high levels of mercury for breakfast or dinner I would be wary. You can get your mercury levels tested, I did that because my mom had said she will only eat canned tuna three times a month, and I have it probably 5–6 times a month, plus some other foods that might be high in mercury. My blood level was fine. Some people are concerned about higher radiation levels in tuna after what happened with the nuclear plant in Japan during the tsunami.

I would also mention vegetables and fruits are missing, but maybe you get them for breakfast or dinner.

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If it feels good and pleases you, then do it.

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You need more of a variety in your diet. Vegetables, fruits, various grains, etc. You didn’t mention your other meals, but one meal of a high risk food every day all week sounds questionable.

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Not a healthy lunch even one day of the week;

tuna is laced with mercury
crackers are made with white flour
cheese is 100%.fat

Try a plant-based lunch. We can come up with some ideas if you are stuck.

For example, hummus and raw vegetables and an apple.

Rice and Beans, guacamole and salsa in a wrap

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My best advice is to ditch the tuna and stick with catfish or whiting. Eat your beans only when you’re in a elevator.

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The same thing every day is never healthy.

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Except for the mercury aspect I don’t understand the aversion to eating the same lunch every day.
That does not imply that breakfast and dinner are the same too. Those could be wildly various.
A routine lunch can be something to look forward to, reliably satisfying, and help you get through the day.

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People who tend to eat the same thing every day actually tend to be thinner. Of course some people are eating two cheeseburgers and fries and pizza every day, and they probably are overweight, but people who eat a rather small portion of food of the same food daily, tend to be thin.

When I was a kid, elementary age, I used to eat the same lunch for weeks on end at times. My husband often eats the same breakfast M-F for a few weeks straight, and then he changes it up. But, I still don’t think it is ideal, although not a big deal if the rest of the diet is very varied.

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