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Can I return a gift to the store (Macy's) if it has the return label but the label's price was scratched out?

Asked by marmoset (1100points) December 26th, 2012

I received a few pieces of sterling silver jewelry and costume jewelry for Christmas that aren’t really my style. They are from Macy’s. I would be happy if I could get a store credit for them (I assume I could not get a cash refund for them). Do I just take them in to a Macy’s location? Their “return label” tags and boxes are intact (two of the labels had prices that are crossed out in pen; one of them has a label that didn’t have a price so nothing is crossed out on it).

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You can return it.

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Shouldn’t be a problem, as long as the bar code is there.

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Cool, thank you!

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One other issue: I just noticed two of the boxes have my first name written in small letters on the bottom (written by the person giving them to me to keep track of her gifts). Is writing on the underside of the boxes going to be a problem in returning them? Thank you.

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Not a problem. If what you refer to as the “return label” is an additional sticker on top of the upc/price sticker then you should get whatever the gift giver paid for it as a merchandise credit or gift card. If it does not have that return label you will get whatever has been the least expensive price for the item. She didn’t give you a gift receipt with it?

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Yes. If there’s a bar code or product reference number they will be able to tell how much was paid for it.

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