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Can you help with style advice for a male friend?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) December 28th, 2012

A good friend of mine could do with some style advice. He has quite a long face, and a pale skin. He has gorgeous blue eyes and bushy eyebrows. Currently he wears his rather fine hair, in a middle path and shorter on top with length at the bottom. (A mullet). It has no body or bounce and just sits on his head.

I am not great with mens fashion. Is the Mullet in fashion? He also has grown his sideburns quite long and thick? I feel the style is making his long face longer. So mostly I think this is about hair. His hair is very very thin and fine. I suggested a shorter messy cut. Any photo’s or tips welcomed.

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A mullet? That died 20 years ago.:) With sideburns. Ditch them immediately.

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The mullet has been out of fashion in most of the USA for a couple decades. There are some who still wear it, though. However, your style recommendations should be based on where this person lives, and the kind of business he is in.

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In the US, the mullet has been out of fashion for 20 or 30 years. If he can afford it, I recommend going to a good hair stylist, sitting it the chair, and saying “Make me look good.” I would sit back and let the magic happen.

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Well, even when the mullet was “in fashion”, it could never be confused with “style”.

Style is timeless; fashion dies anew every day.

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No mullet. Not.

I like @Hawaii_Jake‘s suggestion. Right now while his hair is longish all over, there’s room for lots of choices.

Let someone help who has not only a good sense of style but also a feel for how to suit it to the person. Someone might want to give me a very trendy hairdo, for example, but it wouldn’t suit me at all and never did, no matter what age I was. The person’s own personality and style have to be taken into account, and also what it’s going to look like as it grows out.

No sense in going for something that requires strict regular maintenance if he’s a guy who wants to get his hair cut only twice a year.

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Cut medium long with lots of layers. Low maintenance and looks thicker.

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MULLET NO ! nor a page boy.

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I never liked mullets. Not even 25 years ago. To me they were lower class, or hick. Not that middle class people didn’t wear them, I just mean how it looked to me. When I was a teenager I used to tell my hairdresser, “I wamt layers all around, but I don’t want it to look like two different hair styles from front to back.” At the time I did not know the name for it. You live in a different country, so styles might be different. I think cut it short. If he wants to grow it longer he should let the front grow and catch up to the back, but if it is thin he is probably better of with a short cut altogether. Not a buzz cut or anything, but a typical male cut.

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Is he balding on the sides and maybe that is why he wears a mullet?
Well go to web site for ideas of haircuts that may fit his hair texture. There is a new style that almost has a mullet look only shorter on the sides and back. It reminds me of bird feathers. Its actually kind of cute and can make a guy look years younger.

As for his eyebrows you never want to over trim a guys brow. It can look odd. I would suggest he take a comb and comb his brow up and clip anything that doesn’t fall into the arch and is long and wild. Also he can trim or shave any part under the arch that is practically growing on his eye lids and shave or tweeze any part in between the brows if he has a uni-brow. Mens brows don’t have to be perfect. But it gives a cleaner look if he doesn’t look like a grizzly or have old man brows.

For a slim face, I find that a thin beard along the jaw line sometimes adds a little more fullness and maturity.

As for pale skin, only a little bit of sun and or exercise and eating right can maybe help that. If he is the one asking about it that he can try some spray on tans and see if that works.
He was probably born that way. It would be like someone asking me to do something about my height. LOL

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I’m all in favor of long hair but as far as a mullet goes tell him what he does to himself is his business but if he if has children he should remember this.

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A mullet is always the worst possible choice. Please save him from the embarrassment (of others around him, if not his own).

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@Pandora loll yes, but I guess I was thinking colors for him. To wear. I know though there is pallor and pale. He has a slight pallor so I will suggest more walking. @JLeslie Mullets are a big no no here. I thought maybe we were backward so was being careful! We get some die hard mullet wearers in the poorer areas. It is definitely a class thing here too.

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@hearkat He works from home, but I do feel the right cut and some new clothes that suite his coloring would build his confidence. @Hawaii_Jake Agreed, but he is a bit daft so finding a good stylist would be hard for him. I mean daft in the sense he just rolls out of bed and shoves his clothes on loll. @Jeruba Agreed, I don’t really follow fashion myself. But keeping abreast of what is going on with hair that year keeps me on track I think. @Tropical_Willie loll at Pageboy, David Cassidy! @Adirondackwannabe I agree, make it thicker and buy a thickening hair shampoo. @CWOTUS Exactly, style, ones own personal style never dies out. We are trying to find his style. As he is such a handsome guy inside just needs a haircut loll.

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@shippy We have reverse mullets here too. At least that is what I call them, but the name has not caught on. Maybe I should try to enter it in the Urban Dictionary? You know…women who have their hair really long in the front and short in the back. A little slant towards the front can be cute on a bob, but in its extreme it looks ridiculous in my opinion and also lower class. I have seen it almost buzz short in back and long in front. Terrible. I always say with these sort of haircuts, “is anyone on 5th Avenue wearing it?” 5th Ave is a high rent area in New York. Expensive apartments and expensive stores.

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@JLeslie Do you mean a deconstructed bob? Like Beckhams? That was very popular here. Some though look as if they have ears like a Basset Hound.

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@Shippy Beckham is an example of what I am talking about, but hers was never so severe. It can be very sexy and stylish. But, think Kate Gosselin. I don’t know if this photo: shows the style well enough if you are unfamiliar with her, it is literally short and spikey in back.

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I wondered if you meant the Kate Gosselin look. Agreed, it’s awful.

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@JLeslie Oh yes, I see what you mean. No, that is not nice at all. Might pass on a young teenager going through angst!! It is quite an interesting thought, that subtle is better. Then assuming from what we have posted so far, no class goes further. I guess that happens with nails too. Weird.

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He’s actually on the right track with a mullet. As @Adirondackwannabe said, he wants to have layers. With finer hair and a long face, all one length would draw his face down making it seem even longer.
Trim the sideburns close and have him go to a men’s salon for an eyebrow trimming. Bushy eyebrows probably bury his gorgeous blue eyes (and what a true shame that is! imo). Bringing out his eyes will also draw the focus off his oblong face.

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@Shippy Nails too. I agree.

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@Ela He really does have the most striking blue eyes I ever saw.

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