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Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) March 26th, 2008

What kind of hair do you like on a man? Short hair is fine with me, but i prefer longer, well-conditioned hair. Take a look at Owen Wilson (actor). I want to marry his hair. It’s so soft and floaty and shiny and oooooooooooh *drifts off….

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It actually is the man it’s attached to that gets me…....

Bald, thick, long or crew cut. I’ve seen it all and it’s all good if the man is.

(and yes – Owen does have touch-worthy hair!)

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Ewww, Owen Wilson? LOL, but I do like long hair on some men (Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing – yum!). Unfortunately, most men with long hair don’t look that good, though – either it’s straggly or greasy or out of control.

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i like medium length hair. like david schwimmer had when he was working on friends. usually.. the darker the better. but my current boyfriend has kind of light-medium brownish-red hair. and i looove it. so in the end i have to agree with fluthermother – except for the whole BALD part. i do not like bald men.

some others i like:
christian bale’s semi-short and buzz cut hair
jake gyllenhaal’s hair pretty much ANY way
adrien brody’s in movies like hollywoodland and the pianist
and both ben affleck’s and josh hartnett’s hair in pearl harbor (those shot-but-not-buzz military cuts kill me)

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I actually prefer men with short hair, maybe a little longer on top for styling purposes. At a very young age, I found military men to be incredibly sexy with clean shaven face and short hair cut. I love it. A little scruff on the face is okay when on leave. It can be very sexy. Just no beards or those chin strap goatee things! LOL. Like Teacake said, full head of hair. I am not at all attracted to men without hair – voluntary or involuntary! :)

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OMG the guy who plays Van Helsing has GORGEOUS hair….

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Relatively short and well-kept. Most men can’t pull off long hair well; it takes more time and effort to get right than short hair.

(Yes, I know I’m not a girl. Please check your heterosexist assumptions with the attendant before you sign on to the Internet.)

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i’m male and i have hair past my shoulders and am always being told i have pretty hair haha..

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I love long hair!!! My husband has the longest curly hair it’s thick and shiny and oh so healthy I love running my fingers through it and right after he showers he looks like a romance novel model oh I love long hair!!!!!

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I like long hair too. But it has to be well kept.

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Long. I dislike short hair, in general, on guys. I want to be able to run my fingers through it. But it needs to be pretty as well. If its too thin, overdyed, oily, etc… ech, i’m just not interested.

Dreadlocks are just about the sexist thing in the world. Mmmm

I HATE buzzed hair. It works on some people, but those people usually aren’t my type. I don’t like my boys overtly masculine.

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his is very well kept. He spends more on hair product than I do! His flat iron was more expensive than mine. He’s such a metro sexual! But I love that!

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Metrosexual men are delicious. They’re so classy. Yum!
I don’t find myself liking sloppy men, except for the really really nerdy somewhat clueless ones. I find them endearing.
Smart = sexy.

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Ladys, I think I fit all your requirements!

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I have thick hair all down my back, all the way to my bum. No hair on my head thou!
Only joking, I think I have nice hair!

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haha @ annaott
i’m glad your man has great long hair and keeps up with it.
i always get compliments on my hair.
my bro calls me a lion haha
my treatments?
i shower once a week and use completely natural products on it.

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well I have to say thank you because I’m the reason he has such great hair! I tell him all the products he needs to use and I keep it trimmed and looking great!

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Good job mama!! My SO’s hair is semi long, and he keeps it in very good condition too. He uses my stylist, and she does great things with hair. His hair is silky and shiny. I love to run my fingers through it like you do with your husband’s I can’t stand dreadlocks tho. Whenever I see them I am temepted to run for a pair of scissors. They disgust me. I guess it comes from my younger days when I groomed dogs. Dreads remind me of the matted ones I had to shave. eww!

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ha ha I just shaved my moms matted dog today and if dreads are anything like that I would hate to have them or be with anyone who had them! Gross!

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check out these dreads!! ha ha!!!

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Wow. That is one amazing dog-haircut.

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I have to say nothing does it for me like Hugh Grant’s floppy Brit hair..ugh, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I like long and cute or short and round.

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