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Can I purchase Amazon gift cards with Best Buy gift cards?

Asked by NuclearWessels (1181points) December 31st, 2012

Someone told me I could use Best Buy gift cards to purchase Amazon Kindle gift cards @ Best Buy. Is this true? and will Amazon Kindle gift cards function the same as a regular Amazon gift card? ...or just for Kindle related purchases?

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Here are reviews of the top 10 gift card exchange sites. They are your best bet.

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Mannn I hate gift cards. It’s like “yaaa so I didn’t know what to give you for birthday/christmas/whatever and I didnt want to make it look like I put no thought into it and just gave you money so instead I’ll show I drove somewhere to get this and give you money in a wholly less convenient form.”

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I Googled it and I found a couple of sources that said that this is now allowed at Best Buy. When I worked there just a year or so ago, we weren’t able to do this, but it is entirely possible that it has changed since I worked there. If it is convenient for you to do this and you’re not going to spend the Best Buy gift card any other way, I say it’s worth a shot.

To answer your other question, Amazon Kindle gift cards function just like regular Amazon gift cards and can be used for anything on

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You should be able to if you can buy Amazon gift cards at Best Buy, then you can. For instance if you have a Kroger gift card (Kroger is a supermarket) they have an entire display of gift card you can buy from Macaroni Grill to Itunes. You can use your Kroger GC as payment for one of the other cards. The GC card is like cash.

I don’t see how a store can restrict a GC card, but if it is restricted it would say it right on the card.

Another reason people should go back to giving cash

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I just heard about and now I see that it is the #1 site on the list provided by @marinelife

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