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Anyone have this problem with an iPad 2 with Retina?

Asked by Ponderer983 (6406points) January 3rd, 2013

I just bought an iPad with Retina (WiFi only) and my Wifi signal keeps dropping. The iPad is still showing the signal strength in the top bar, and in the setting it is showing the strength and that it is connected. My wireless computer and phone are still connected and working properly to my home WiFi. But, it won’t work on the iPad. The only way for me to get it working again is to turn off and back on my cable box and router, which is annoying because it is in a part of the house that I can not always access. Is this a perisitent problem? I have tried resetting my wireless settings in the iPad and other online suggestions I have found.

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First of all, the iPad 2 did not have Retina Display. The two iPad models released in spring and fall of 2012 have Retina Display.

My iPad is the spring 2012 model, and my fiancé has the iPad 2 from 2011. We both tend to lose WiFi on the iPads even when our other devices are able to get a signal. Sometimes, switching the iPad into Airplane Mode and then out again is enough to reconnect. Sometimes I have to shut it down and restart. Once in a while the WiFi Router has to be restarted.

We have not looked deeper into the issue at all – if you want to research further, you can go to the Apple Support page which has links to official Apple information as well as the forums/communities where users discuss things. There are MANY other Apple-focused forums and sites out there, such as, and The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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Thanks. I am also calling apple support tonight to see what they have to say considering it’s only a week old. And sorry I’m not down with the official product lingo, but it’s the one with

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I read a few weeks ago that that is s bug in iOS 6… to be resolved with the next update…

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I’m using IOS 5 and have not had that problem on my iPad 2.

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@Ponderer983 Do you also have a wireless printer? If so, check to see if the printer is set to acquire an IP address dynamically or it has a fixed IP address.

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@ml3269 – there was just an iOS 6.0.2 update for the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini only – that might be what you had read about.

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If you don’t get a solution for your problem from the initial person answering the call, I’ve found that it helps to be transferred to a “Product Specialist”

These are the more experienced guys who really know what’s going on. I find it also help ti ask if they personally own the product in question.

When i first got my iphone i logged in a lot of calls to figure things all out and these two tips helped enormously.

Also the suggestion to shut Airplane mode on and off for several minutes was a tip given to me by one of the specialists and it has been quite effective fir those weird times of missed wifi connection. Its a lot easier than unplugging the router etc…

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@hearkat: Yes… sorry and right!

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