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Where can I buy a V for vendetta mask, that was NOT made by slave workers?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21611points) January 4th, 2013

Me and some friends are having a fancy dress party, I am going to go as the guy from the movie V for vendetta.

I have checked ebay, and the masks either come from China, or simply don’t state where they come from or who made it, except for one that claims to be hand-made and costs way too much.

Is there anywhere I can order one of these things without the cash going to some nasty forced slave labor prisoner factory or other kind of sweat shop?


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@Seek_Kolinahr Thanks. Yea 35 bucks is more like it.

The ones on ebay are $0.99 from China. For all I know it was made by slaves and the toxins will melt my face off.

Thanks, never taken a look at etsy before.

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Oh I love it. Everything’s either handmade or vintage. It’s great for geeky jewelry and clothes. ^_^

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Oh BTW, it’s called a guy fawkes mask. Kids these days man…

Also, for the lazy. Here, this one is actually correct.

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