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Republicans: If Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, or Colin Powell had been running in the 2008 primaries, would you have voted for any of them?

Asked by JLeslie (54508points) January 4th, 2013

I don’t necessarily mean all are running and you have to pick one. I more am asking if you would have preferred any of them over McCain. In fact I am interested in how you would have felt about each of them for the office of President. Not as a comparison to Obama, but rather just how you would feel about each of them as politicians and President. I am curious about 2008 because Cheney already had health conditions and it seemed like public opinion of Powell and Rice were still quite high when I talked to people. I don’t know what the polls were saying, if they were polling that.

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I would have voted for Rice over any Republican that has sought the presidency in the last 3 elections.

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I am an independent, (assuming republican=non-democrat), I though Powell would have been a good choice, but either would have been better than Cheney.

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I liked Rice and Powell, but would have to find out where they stand on issues such as abortion.

Cheney never.

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Rice wouldn’t have been a credible candidate at all. She would never have gotten that far. Her only credentials are in conducting classical music and foreign policy. She has zero – nada – no domestic record at all.

Cheney wouldn’t have been a serious candidate either, primarily because he would have been so polarizing. And his heart would have made people think twice about electing him.

So the only reasonably possible candidate in your question would have been Powell. I would have wanted to know a whole lot more about his domestic and social policies before I voted for him. So while I can’t rule out the possibility, I can’t say that I would have voted for him without a whole lot more information.

If you want to then ask: Suppose it would have been Obama versus Powell – the military light skinned black against the community organizer light skinned black, my answer is simple. Obama. Because Powell was way to closely tied to the Bush administration and and the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles.

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I wouldn’t have been voting in the Republican primary…not ever, and not under any circumstances.

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I like Colin Powell but would not have voted for him in 2008. Condoleeza Rice maybe a great pianist and a brilliant person but she is not an independent thinker, she did what she was told when Secretary of State.

And Cheney is evil personified. The man has no conscience, all decisions are made based on balance sheets.

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I’m an independent, leaning more towards Democrat, but was ready to vote for McCain. I liked him—until Palin was added to the ticket.

I’d not have voted for Rice or Cheney, for sure, but would’ve given Powell a second look.

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I thought Dick Cheney and Glen Beck kicked Colin Powell out of the Republican party for not being conservative enough…

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I might have voted for Powell, but I would NEVER have voted for Cheney or Rice.

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Nope, I liked McCain.

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I would have voted for Colin Powell before he made his incorrect statement in the UN justifying the invasion of Iraq. I wouldn’t have voted for the others.

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Colin Powell is the more acceptable of the three, but why would anyone vote against John McCain?

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