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Do you think Liz Cheney will run for President?

Asked by JLeslie (63081points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Do you think she can win the primary if she does?

A year ago I told my dad I bet she will run for president, and he quickly told me I was being ridiculous and was just totally frustrated with me.

A couple of hours ago I listened to Liz Cheney give a speech after losing her local election, and it sounded to me that she hinted at running for president.

If she wound up with the nomination, do you think she would beat the Democrat?

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She might beat the Democrat, but there’s no way in hell for her to receive the Republican nomination. But never mind. We all know courage and integrity when we see it, and history will mark the truth of it. She may be a Republican, but she’s nobody’s candy assed bootlicker or loud mouthed dummy. Here’s to a standup broad who leaves the Senate with her integrity intact. She showed both the country and her chickenshit self serving party cohorts exactly what true patriotism is about.

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Nope. She will end up on MSNBC or CNN or some other leftwing outlet as a political commentator. That is where the left will be able to use her the best.

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I mean, she just lost the Wyoming primary, so her chances to become president are pretty much nil. The republicans have drifted so far right, that even the daughter of fucking Dick Cheney is “too left wing” for the base.

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Her political beliefs and policies are almost exactly like Trump’s, they both pretend to be populist but they’re actually the epitome of the establishment. She lacks charisma and likability, so I don’t think she’d get very far

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I don’t think she’ll be an option; but, I’d vote for her!!! Republicans just want to be in power & they don’t care WHO gets them there. She’s NOT an ass licker like many others in the party. I think that she has PROVEN her loyalty to our country, so I don’t think she’d sell us out to the highest bidder!!! She for sure would NOT be crawling in bed with Putin!!! I can see her standing up to the world & saying this is what we are going to do & meaning it. I just don’t see the Republican party having the backbone to support her!!!

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I don’t think she will run for President in the current state of affairs.
If anything my guess is she will move to a more progressive state and run for office there first. She is only 56 and has much to offer in the political arena.
This is somewhat similar to what Hillary did in her search for higher office.

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She might, but she won’t win.

And as an an independent-democrat, I see nothing good about her that would cause me to vote for her. Her policies are still highly conservative/republican. She is still very much a far right voter on social issues. The only good thing she did in 25 years is stand up to Trump.

So if she runs, she won’t get anything from me.

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Who’s g oing to endorse the candidate and who’s going to vote for the candidate?

Are the Republicans going to endorse her? Are Democrats going to endorse a Republican?

Are Republicans going to vote for her? Some may but most probably won’t. Are Democrats going to vote for her? Some may but most probably won’t.

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She will run for President, but knows she won’t win.
The purpose of her candidacy will be to stand on the debate stage across from Trump and tell him, and the Nation, what a vile piece of shit he is.

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That is exactly why she will not be allowed within miles of that stage. The truth is to be avoided at ANY cost.

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I think she’ll run. If for no other reason than to make certain Trump never gets close to the White House again. If she could be pro-choice on abortion, she could stand a real good chance of winning the presidency.

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So many people seem to assume that Trump will be a shoo-in candidate for the presidency. I think he’ll have to run as an Independent since the Republican party is so fractured. (There’s the Trumpers, the Tea Party which is now called the American Conservative Party, and the traditional Republicans.)

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It wasn’t a local election; she lost the primary for U.S. Senate yesterday. I don’t guess about who will and will not run for president. I expect either party to fill up the debate stage.

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No because she has to much honesty, integrity, cares for the country and average citizen over the party ,and the Republicans will have none of that.

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The Tea Party has been struggling to gain footing. I doubt that having a wild card on their ticket would help them very much, but…who knows!!! I don’t care which party endorses him, they will NOT get my vote & that includes the Dems!!!

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@LadyMarissa So, you’re not going to vote? Or will you vote for some long shot that hasn’t a chance in hell of winning?

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Unless the Orangutan ends up in prison over his violations of the Espionage Act, he will run, and when he does, the party will all fall in line behind him. I have no doubts about that.

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@kritiper YES, I will vote…just NOT for the party that backs that clown!!! Who did the Tea Party run on 2016 & 2020??? I don’t see the Dems getting desperate enough to bring him into the fold. They were smarter than that when they thought he was a serious candidate, so I don’t see them doing it now!!! In 2016, I would have voted for any Rep running EXCEPT that clown & he’s done absolutely NOTHING to change my mind…just made my resolve stronger!!!

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I’ll tell you what. Liz Cheney is a much greater threat to Republican cohesion and that party’s viability now than Trump himself. She clearly has no intention of fading quietly into the background, and will rake the cowards who trade
their integrity to ride the criminal pig’s slimy coattails. It is actually puzzling to me that so many of her former fellows have such shallow regard for the legacies they bequeath their children as spineless in the face of what we may only hope is the greatest crisis to their country in their shallow and useless lives.

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@LadyMarissa Maybe you could do the majority of women of the country (US) a big favor and vote for pro-choice candidates??

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^^ WTF does that have to do with the fact that I despise the FPOTUS & do NOT want to go through 4 more years of his hell??? As far as I’m concerned, the fact that YOU CANNOT get pregnant negates any opinion you might have on the subject!!!

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Here’s an article from Mother Jones.

It basically states that, “Liz Cheney Was Defeated By the Extremist Movement She Helped to Empower.
If not for Donald Trump’s attempt to steal the election, she would still be backing him.”

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Whatever Cheney does to keep showing how deplorable trump and his minions are would be very much welcome.

She’ll never get the Sore Losers
Delusional Trump Party nomination so we shall never see if she gets to beat the Democratic candidate.

But if for some miraculous reason she did get the nomination and the
Dems candidate is a weak one, then she just might be able to get into the WH.

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I basically agree Liz probably has no chance to win, and she is very conservative on so many policy issues that very few Democrats would vote for her for President when there is a Democrat they can vote for. I think many independents would vote for her, but the huge hurdle is getting the nomination to begin with.

It’s possible should could get the attention of a lot of conservative women. The report I watched on CNN I got the feeling there is some doubt among some women regarding lies that Trump told. They want the truth, but still reluctant to accept the truth. It’s like having a cheating husband. They need their trusted friend to tell them they saw the cheat themselves and also to catch him in the act.

@Brian1946 That is basically how I have felt regarding pro-choice women who voted for Republicans and are now shocked. One of my friends who formerly voted Republican said recently she feels like an idiot thinking Roe would never be overturned. She actually hasn’t voted Republican for President since McCain picked Palin. That was the last straw for her. I had several Democrats the last few months accusing some Republicans of only voting on one issue, abortion, and my response is, “for the most part that has been a deal breaker for me too.” I’m not going to be a hypocrite about it. Luckily, I’m in line with most of what the Democrats stand for anyway, although I have my moments of not agreeing.

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@mazingerz88 Well, if I could get pregnant, I would want to have my choice if I wanted to carry the baby to term or not. Just sayin’...

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