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All my gold fish have died suddenly?

Asked by Carolsortega (4points) January 5th, 2013 from iPhone

I have one left. Percutomus. I moved him to a bowl of fresh water. But he is sick do u have any suggestions

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Has anything changed recently in your tank? What are your water parameters?

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Any sudden (even if they are small) changes in the water, such as pH, temperature, or nitrite/nitrate concentrations, or anything else, has to potential to kill fish.

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I’ve had this happen many times, before I decided fish are more trouble than they’re worth. If you recently changed the water, that’s probably it. People tend to replace the entire tank with fresh water, but this is a bad idea. It screws up their habitat and they often die. Moving the surviving fish to brand new water probably didn’t do much good. It could also be a temperature or pH issue. If you still have the old water, take a sample of it to a pet store so they can test it. They could probably tell you what the problem is.

And people say goldfish are low maintenance. Psht! They actually die very easily and are the dirtiest fish I’ve ever owned.

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Are you sure they are dead? Goldfish floating at the top might actually just have a swimbladder problem, but not actually dead.

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