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Men: What are your hobbies?

Asked by nikipedia (27780points) June 9th, 2008

Things that are not hobbies: World of Warcraft, drinking, eating out, and spending time with your girlfriend.

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Making movies (film student), reading, hiking, tech stuff (Apple), bike riding, snowboading, and swimming.

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oh yeah definitely add tech stuff to my list, apple computers, ipods, iphones, listening to music, creating videos (mainly of waterskiing and snowboarding)

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workout , traveling, hiking, bike riding,and unfortunately,drinking is obviously one of my hobbies.

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Photography, something to do with the outdoors, something to do with computers, hiking, bike riding
list goes on of course, those are just the most common

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well as for hanging out with my girlfriend I think wow takes care of that… also while i play I have to drink alot of liquids, mountain dew, coke etc… I guess you could call those hobbies. OH YEAH! I forgot, i eat hotpockets as a national sport. I represent America. :D

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what kind of hot pockets, pizza, ham and cheese? because if its ham and cheese i think i could take you down

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A bit sexist to say “World of Warcraft”, don’t you think?

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camping, video games, reading, and some times travel.

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The definition of hobby includes games, so looks like playing World of Warcraft qualifies as a hobby.

Mine include collecting photography books, indipendent studios DVDs and myth-related tchotkes.

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I’ve tried my hand at many things, but currently I build harps (like this one), other misc. wood stuff, and pottery. I have a strong drive to make stuff, so I gravitate to hobbies that yield some tangible product.

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May I direct those of you who take issue with my sexism and restrictive definition of “hobby” to this question:

Was trying to establish a fair parallel.

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Photography, reading more about the likes of Russia and nuclear energy, listening to music – lots of it and very little else. I lack any sporting hobbies, although I wouldn’t mind getting into squash and I also wouldn’t mind getting into table tennis and/or chess.

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I don’t think the hobby “shopping” even compares to “World of Warcraft”. Many women DO shop as a hobby. Probably less than 1% of men play World of Warcraft.

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Photography, snowboarding, drums, xbox

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1. Soccer: I play on a very competitive men’s team (United FC) in the San Francisco Soccer and Football Leagu and also on a competitive coed team in the San Francisco Coed Recreational Soccer League.
2. Reading (mainly newspapers and weeklies).
3. Poker
4. Frolf

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I’m not sure if shopping or gaming should count as hobbies (they wouldn’t be very original or creative ones anyway), but the more one party “games” (can you use that terminology?), the more the other will shop….my shoe collection is coming along nicely!

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I’m feeling lazy, so I’m just going to link to my profile.

shilolo: +1 frolf

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Guitar, working out, and drinking should count.

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to say that video games are not creative is wrong. It is a strong bobbie of mine to play online with friends. On top of it being one of the most played hobbies in the world second to sports. Have you tried to play one or any of the new games? It is not easy.
Also included with my hobbies are: photography, art, my car and bike, BBQ, and vodka tastings.

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I play Ultimate Frisbee 3–4 times a week. Travel to tournaments every month or so – going to Seattle (from SF) in July for a 100-team tourney.

I also follow baseball and play fantasy baseball. Occasional video games. Does Facebook count as a hobby?

And does personal growth count as a hobby? I regularly go to workshops, read books, attend groups, give coaching, receive coaching, etc.

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Video games or anything else thats tech related really. I know drinking doesnt count, but how about smoking mass amounts of marijuana, if so, thats definitely a hobby of mine. ^_^ I also enjoy watching movies and well of course FLUTHER.

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I skateboard, fish, hike, and take my golden retriever on fetched out adventures. I got a few other hobbies but they are way too weird to mention.

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reading, photography (even though that is a career as well). That’s really about it at the moment. I always dabble around in things though, so I’m not that bad of a person.

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I collect Native American jewelry, geodes, display specimens of minerals, rocks, fossils and semiprecious stones, writing instruments, Murano glass, cobalt glass and crystal, art glass figurines, carved stone figurines, clocks and watches, neon signs and all types of art with a particular nod to bronze statues. I’ve also become rather adept at repairing all the above stuff that occasionally breaks and am a self taught stone carver (mostly unique pipes of pipestone, alabaster, soapstone, etc). I also have several pets and lots of fruit trees that keep me very busy.

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Automobile stuff
Upgrades, maintenance, racing (legally), take it to the track

driving range, practice short game, hit the course on the weekends

Fluthering :)

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Programming, football (the real thing, not that American rape), hanging out with friends, listening to music.

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Football (yes the American rape as vince calls it)greatest game ever made. sports sports and more sports. playing, watching, and coaching.

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Reading, Walking, Arguing, and Urban Exploring

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