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How does smoking weed alter a guy's behavior?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) January 9th, 2013

How could it affect a relationship in which the guy smokes marijuana daily and the female doesn’t at all? Does it make you dumb? Smarter? More charismatic? Less? Just trying to understand why people smoke at all. I don’t really see the benefits.

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Well, sometimes it makes a person who would choose @punkrockworld as their handle ask what happens to you when you take a toke.

I would not smoke it ever, because I observe that the number one cause of death in home fires is smoke inhalation. I also observe that smoking tobacco (a legal intoxicant) kills 350,000 Americans per year even though they use the product strictly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If I wanted to get high again, now that I’ve outgrown the crazy, dazed 60s, I’d bake the stuff into some brownies and hope to high hell they didn’t give me the munchies.

Personally, I liked the high a lot. When I had the time, I enjoyed getting high and listening to the true inner soul of music, or going for a hike in the mountains, or body surfing—getting close to nature.

But to your point about what if your SO is not interested in getting high, I’d say the only benefits of your getting high in front of her would accrue to her when you get to divorce court.

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Anytime one part is under the influence of something and the other isn’t it means there isn’t an communication going on. With weed it means one person is stoned and pretty much not capable of carrying on a conversation or a relationship.

And, it kind of reduces your intelligence while you’re stoned.

On the other hand, it is relaxing and calms one down after a rough day.

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Weed doesn’t affect any two people the same way not to mention how many different strains there are and they all produce different effects for any given person. It is certainly not going to ruin your relationship unless you are completely against it which is silly anyhow.

@zenvelo “not capable of carrying on a conversation or relationship” hahaha are you serious? what is this, Reefer Madness? This is why people have skewed perceptions of this extremely mild drug.

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For healthy people, I doubt there are many benefits to weed smoking. It’s a fun recreational drug for some people, and pretty harmless if not abused. It also has medical uses. People who over-use it seem to suffer cognitively, though I don’t know if that’s permanent.

It’s something I have a hard time seeing as having a positive bearing on a relationship.

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It is fun, it is like booze. I like to play video games where I drive a car when I get stoned, my best mate likes to talk about Russian literature when he is high. My sisters cries in a corner convinced all her friends are talking shit about her.

It is different for everyone. But it sounds like you are trying to justify getting out of a relationship.

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Although some, like @deni, feel it’s “silly” to disapprove of your partner smoking weed, I would. Luckily, neither my husband nor myself ever had any burning desire to even try the stuff, but I grew up around people who were (and still are) moderately heavy smokers. They used to say weed kills brain cells, but people now say that’s untrue. I never cared enough to do the research, but it certainly doesn’t make you smarter if my family is any indication.

I don’t believe in doing something, especially something that includes voluntary inhalation of smoke, that serves no real benefit or purpose. This is probably why I never picked up a cigarette either. There’s no good reason to do it, so why would I? Because of my experience on the subject, I wouldn’t date someone that smoked at all, let alone daily. Daily use indicates some form of dependence – I don’t have time for that child’s play. I had a thing for a guy in high school that smoked daily and, dear lord, getting high was all the boy talked about. Needless to say, that crush died out quick.

The effect on a relationship totally depends on the two people, moreso on the non-smoker. How he/she feels about it will determine any problems it might cause. Also, the drug doesn’t affect everyone in the same way.

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Depending how often he smokes, it could be self medicating. Therefore a symptom of a deeper issue that needs to be addressed.

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@deni He’s asking where one person is stoned all the time and the other isn’t partaking. I’m not saying he is hallucinating or going crazy, but conversations between people who are disparate like that usually end up with “talk to me when you’re not high.”

And because of that, when one person in a relationship is high all the time and the other isn’t, the relationship usually falls apart.

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Marijuana does not make anyone the sharpest knife in the draw. I’ve smoked the shit before now, and the last thing it ever did for me was turn me into some dude with the IQ and intellect of Einstein. If anything I stopped smoking it because all it did was give me random giggling fits and a heavy case of the munchies. That’s an expensive habit.
If anything, I reckon it would be the non-smoker that came out tops on this one as far as intellect goes.
You’re right not to see the benefits, because – and I say this as an ex-stoner – there are none. NONE. At least not as far as your thinking goes – it may have medicinal use for physical problems, but mentally, it just gives you an excuse not to give a shit about anything and chills you out. That’s it. There are no other benefits at all. In fact, if someone were to take harder drugs before they took marijuana, they would be WORSE off for it. It would only exacerbate any levels of paranoia or schizophrenia or any other psychological conditions as a result (I have seen this happen and it is far from pretty).
Ultimately there are better things – legal things to do that would allow someone to get chilled out and have a good time. Drugs ain’t it.

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It helps some hard working students get through college without going nuts.

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Behavioral changes depend on dosage.

As a medical application cannabis should be added to an inhaler and not smoked.

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If one smokes and the other doesn’t, the one who doesn’t smoke gets all rude and nasty about it usually. It’s called being sanctimonious I believe, but it’s easier to say beeyotchy.

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If you are already stupid, it may make you dumber. It does not make an intelligent person stupid. It’s relaxing.

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@Crashsequence2012 From the story: Davis, who said he is bipolar but is not taking medication. Pot does not make a person violent. It was his own stupidity for doing what he did. And according to Naeem, “God was testing me. I failed that test.” That man has problems and he’s using pot as a scapegoat.

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@jonsblond So there’s no possibility that pot alters one’s personality to be one more likely to use scapegoats?

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Pot can make you paranoid, dumb, horny, or hungry, among other things. It can put you to sleep. It can make music sound endlessly fascinating. It can make movies seem endlessly fascinating. It can make art seem endlessly fascinating. It can make your own words seem endlessly fascinating.



Seem, being the operative word here. People do self-medicate. What symptoms they are treating, I don’t know.

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I believe that people self-medicate for some kind of psychic pain. It usually has to do with things that drive down your self-esteem. It sounds like some people treat anxiety with pot. Others might treat loneliness, or fear of other people.

I would hate being involved with someone who did pot all the time. I did once get involved with someone who smoked a lot. She was using it to distance us. Not us, in particular, but her and whoever. I think she felt unworthy, and the pot made her relax and not worry about her worthiness. It put me to sleep, so that was not good.

I would not be surprised if many pot smokers had suffered some form of abuse in their childhoods. But that’s probably just my prejudice, and you can’t go on my personal experience. I attract people who have been abused, and I am not complaining at all. I just don’t think the pot help treat the problem.

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Most people I know who use it just do it instead of taking pills, for anxiety, and maybe to feel young (because they’ve always done it). I prefer wine, but whatever works.

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@zenvelo Alright, well being “stoned all the time” is one thing. There is no reason to smoke that much weed. But someone who smokes every day, could mean they smoke as little as one time a day, which is no big deal and if someone views that as being a big deal, they’re nuts. It’s no different than having a beer after work.

@punkrockworld I know this is a radical thought but why don’t you ask him why he likes weed? Maybe he’s anxious and it calms him down. Maybe he likes the giggles. Maybe he feels more social. Are any of those things the worst things in the world? If you are going to not give a guy a chance because of something this small, that relationship is probably doomed anyhow.

I like weed because I don’t take life too seriously. There’s no need to. Humor is one of my most valued traits not only in myself but also in others. Yeah, it makes you a little lazy if you keep doing it. I like to smoke it with my boyfriend and then we do skits around the house and have different characters and pretend our cats are people and we laugh hysterically. Man, that sucks.

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@deni My husband and I manage to laugh, act like complete goofballs, and enjoy not taking like too seriously without smoking pot. How’s that for a radical concept? :)

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I told all my guy friends not to date or marry anyone who didn’t smoke, because if they care about you smoking one little hooter every once in awhile to relax, they will be complete beeyotches about everything when you’re married, and it was always true.

Stoner boys need stoner girls, or at least cool girls who let a person be who and what they want to be. You can’t go into a relationship hoping to change someone or wanting them to change who they are, it just doesn’t seem to work out.

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Of course, my last post should say “life” an not “like”. Damn you iPhone?

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I’m not sure why you’ve asked the question the way you did, because you put this in general and singled out a sex, which makes this very difficult to answer. Why didn’t you ask something along the lines of “how would smoking weed affect one partner”. I suppose that I could answer this anti-weed rant (I mean question) the same way as if you would have asked “could it affect a relationship in which the girl smokes marijuana and the guy doesn’t at all”: it depends on the personalities of those involved I suppose. Most relationships where one partner smokes pot and the other doesn’t rarely work, though there are exceptions, and usually those exceptions are where one partner is not a regular smoker.

Does it make you dumb? Too much of anything can make you ‘dumb’.

Smarter? No, but neither does many other vices.

More charismatic? WTF!?

Less? WTF!?

Just trying to understand why people smoke at all. I don’t really see the benefits. Perhaps, but why do people drink at all, watch UFC, listen to punk, follow sports, etc becase I really don’t see the benefits of those things either. I don’t understand the point of this question or what you’re really asking here.

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Using myself as an example, I’d say that it makes them like food, sex, and music even more. ;-)

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@livelaughlove21 Yeah, I manage to do that to. It’s not a radical concept, no one’s saying it is. That’s how a relationship should be. But, it’s just in a different way. It’s interesting and unusual and a little bit of an adventure together every time.

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How could it affect a relationship in which the guy smokes marijuana daily and the female doesn’t at all? That would be a big deal, it could put them at odds! Does it make you dumb? I don’t do it. Smarter? unsure? More charismatic? I don’t think it does. Less? I don’t like smoke of any kind. Just trying to understand why people smoke at all. I don’t really see the benefits. There are some, but it you wouldn’t have to smoke it.

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