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What is the best bedding for shedding dogs that won't ruin my washing machine?

Asked by Aethelwine (41195points) January 11th, 2013

We use blankets for our dogs to sleep on and they are always coated with dog hair. I usually hang the blankets on the clothesline on a windy day to help remove some of the hair before I wash it, but now that it is winter that’s not always possible. How do you cope with washing bedding that is coated with dog hair? I don’t want the washing machine to get clogged with the hair.

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I second the laundromat. My dogs were outside dogs and I always kept lots of wood shavings in their house. Before you lynch me they were abandoned in my yard and they had never been inside a house and it freaked them out. I tried blankets but they ate most of those.

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Laundromat is what my husband suggested. I had to use the laundromat for a year several years ago and I hated it. Some of the people who frequent the place or scary! I guess that’s better than ruining my washing machine. Then I will be forced to go all the time.

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Maybe have hubby take the blankets there or at the least go with you when you go there. Those places can be scary.

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Best is to buy a bed cover with refillable liner.

Alternatively, you could sew the blankets into a cover by putting seam on one end and one side and putting in a zipper on the other end. Use a plastic bag filled with filler inside. That way you can wash the blankets.

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I use the garden hose outside and a GI brush. Then I let them air dry in the sun.

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Most laundromats here have signs saying no animal blankets! Actually though I do mine in the washing machine (not with other clothes though because the hair does stick to everything) and have never had any problems. In the kennel we would do maybe 50 a day plus towels from the grooming area. My washing machine repair guy said always get front loaders for this sort of work so that might have made a difference. Anyhow, the washer took most of it away and then pop in the dryer and that took care of the rest.

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I do a light hand wash in the garage sink before machine wash. I use a hair strainer in the sink to prevent dog hair from clogging the drain.

My dog sheds 9 months out of the year. I thought they were supposed to shed only in spring.

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I had an Akita. Use a shedding brush often outside and go to the laundromat.

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