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HEARCAT? Do you have any advice on the congestion in my INNER EAR?

Asked by clarisse_pz (6points) June 9th, 2008

I have been experiencing some problems with my ear, I was a bit dizzy, very nauseas and the hearing in my left ear sounds as though I am under water or as if a robot is speaking. I figured this was all due to an inner ear congestion. I went to the doctor, and was correct. He prescribed me some Phenergan for the nausea, and told me to take motrin 600 mg (which was harsh on my stomach) and to take Zyrtec. My hearing in my ear is really aggrivating, and I can’t stand when anyone talkes because I cannot makeout what is being said in that ear. I just want to know if there is anything else I can do in order to clear the congestion in the Eustatian tube. I just want to hear at leat a bit better…any suggestions?

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There is the possibility of infection, albeit low. I assume your doctor didn’t see pus behind the eardrum, or he/she would have given you some antibiotics. Two other things to try are sudafed, which acts as a decongestant and guaifenesin, a mucolytic. Eventually (and probably independent of anything you do), your ear will clear up. It may take some time though.

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you need a decongestant. Zyrtec-D. An anthistimine won’t help your ear.

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Thank you so much, so is it a good idea to take Zyrtec and Psuedophed?

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that would be the same as zrytec-d so you would be ok.

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[Fluther Moderator]: Sorry to hear about your ear…in the future, if you wish to contact an individual user (as opposed to advice from the collective), you can simply contact them via Private Message, by going to their user profile:<username>

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Hope this helps and good luck with your ear.

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Oddly enough, this post didn’t get sent to my “Stuff For You”... I’ll have to check my tags :-/

I’ll read your question now and reply in a moment… sorry for the delay!

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Was it your family physician or an Ear specialist (Otologist). How did the Doctor diagnose the fluid? Did they do a hearing test or at least a Tympanogram (an earplug seals the ear canal and the pressure is modified to measure how the eardrum responds to sound and pressure changes)?

Have you had any pain or fever? Have there been other symptoms? I especially want to know if you hear any tinnitus (ringing or buzzing sounds), or if your hearing has been fluctuating.

Typically, an ear that has a build-up of pressure or fluid but is not infected will cause muffled hearing and some low-level tinnitus. However, the dizziness, degree of hearing loss and distortion of sound that you describe suggest that there may be an inner ear problem, which would be treated differently.

I recommend that you go see an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT/ Otolaryngologist/ Otologist) as soon as you can, preferably with an Audiological evaluation, in order to more accurately diagnose the problem and ensure that you receive prompt treatment.

Feel free to add more details or ask more questions…
Feel better soon!

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