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Have pain in my left ear and feels like something is crawling in my ear?

Asked by dimples (4points) January 15th, 2013

pain in left ear and feels like something is crawling in my ear

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Have you had anyone look in your ear?
How long has it been feeling this way?
Obviously you should have it looked at.

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Not to freak you out, but it could very well be something crawling in your ear.

Roaches are notorious for getting stuck deep inside ear canals because they can’t crawl backwards to get out.

A doctor would have to remove it if that’s what it is. And, even if it’s not, you should still have it checked out.

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If it is painful, you should get your ear examined as soon as possible… there could be an insect in your ear. I am an audiologist and I have seen ants and roaches in people’s ears.

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You should at least have someone look inside your ear or take a picture or something. It could be a tick. Did you go into the woods?

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If your ear hurts, and it feels like something is crawling in it, then there is a chance that something is actually inside of your ear. Of course, it could be caused by a number of other things as well. Either way, I’d definitely get it checked out by a doctor if you haven’t already.

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It sounds like it can be an infection or otitis (ear eczema)
I would recommend visiting and ENT to physically examine the area

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It could be an infection. It could also be an insect. See a doctor. They will have medication for an infection or they can peroxide the insect out of your ear (no pain, I promise).

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Pain means somethings not functioning normally. Possible for an ear infection, also possible for as mentioned, insect!

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There could be a little something in there or internal otitis which causes pain and itching. Get it checked out as it could create serious problems.

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Otitis means ear infection. External otitis is an infection in the external ear canal.
Otitis media is an infection in the middle ear space behind the ear drum.
Otitis interna is in the inner ear, and typically involves significant hearing loss and/or acute vertigo.

@dimples – please check-in and let us know how you are doing.

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Could be as simple as a big ball of hardened wax and hair. Or it could be a family of spiders. If it’s the latter, we’re going to need an update with photos. Thanks.

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