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Have Hollywood superhero movies affected your comic book reading habits?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) January 16th, 2013

Recently, I find myself interested in reading again the comic book of a Marvel superhero that I used to enjoy as a kid. Iron Fist.

I guess I stopped reading comicbooks when TV shows like The Greatest American Hero, Shazam, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk and Knight Rider stole my attention.

But Hollywood superhero movies these days, with their advanced visual effects and epic stories…did they ever change the way you feel about comicbooks?

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Not really, I seem to read comics at the same rate I did before. I don’t read as often when I’m in school or workin a lot but yea, Hollywood hasn’t influenced my reading habits. If anything, it’s given me nerd rage :P

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No, but I’m not your typical reader of comics – I like the weird stuff (like JTHM, WE3, Novo) and manga, not so much superhero stuff unless it’s by Frank Miller (like Batman Year One).

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@wildpotato Just watched Batman Year One and Dark Knight Returns Part 1&2. They did an excellent job animating them. Bryan Cranston totally stole the movie in Year One with his work on Gordon.

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@uberbatman Agreed, the movie and Cranston were both wonderful. Slightly tangential, but have you seen Batman Beyond Return of the Joker? It’s my favorite of the Bruce Timm -verse cause it’s super messed up. Joker at his evilest.

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No, but I’m a pretty heavy reader of comics already.

And if you like Iron Fist, check out the series from a few years ago co-written by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction with art by David Aja. Very, very cool.

Should be available in a couple of trade paperbacks now.

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@cookieman Thanks. That’s a relief. Just bought those from EBay the other day and wondered whether they’re any good. I also find myself staring at a few Iron Fist statues by Bowen on EBay as well. : )

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I read some comics as a kid, but the ones that really got my attention were the Conan the Barbarian comics. My dad had shitloads of them and they pretty much became mine. I saw the Arnie movies BEFORE reading any of the comics or novels though, and I was able to accept all sources for what they were. I loved the first Conan movie, so maybe I’m a little biased. I really didn’t enjoy that last movie much though. It was all fancy with good gore and shit but eh…missed the character by miles. but it did a kickass job of at least eye winking a lot of the Conan mythos
Granted, Arnie’s character wasn’t exactly Conan, but one thing we know; Conan is badass. At least they didn’t mess that up too much in the first two movies. still, not enough Viking

So, to answer your question well…not a fan of any super hero much, besides Iron Man, and I don’t really think he counts because he doesn’t have super powers. And I never read any of the IM comics. Can’t say the movies really made me want to, though. Just seems like cool action/sifi movies to me.
As for Conan, he isn’t a ’‘super hero’’ either. Regardless of the movies though, I often feel like reading the comics again, but I don’t have them anymore.

also are they ever gonna make an Archie movie? Not saying I’d go it see or nuthin’...

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@Symbeline Conan Meets Archie. Now that I can’t wait to see! Seriously, there’s only one Conan movie worth seeing. And that’s the first with Ahnuld. It really impacted me the way John Milius framed his visuals and imo, he succeeded in creating this down to earth awesome fantasy world of…High Adventure! And so said the narrator. Basil Poledouris’ musical score was also unforgettable.

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@mazingerz88 Seriously, there’s only one Conan movie worth seeing. And that’s the first with Ahnuld

Amen, brother. ’’ offers wristshake’’ The second with Arnie was pretty bad…but it’s entertaining in its own way. It has cool fights, cool adventure, and at least they tried to capture the spirit of the comics, with all the outrageous shit. Sadly, most of it doesn’t work.

And what the shite kinda name is Boombata. but then what kinda name is Boatswain or Black Zarono lol

But the first movie? It’s a damn respectable effort that kept a good part of the Conan character in mind. Love the movie to this day.

And FUCK YES for Basil. Respect, barbarian.

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So many things went so wrong with the sequel. The characterization and acting of that princess. Ugh. I’m also ambivalent about Grace Jones’ character. Most unforgettable shot though for me was that marble statue of Dagoth starting to move.

I so badly want to experience again the same pleasure I got from the first movie that I’m rooting for this supposedly about to be produced new Conan movie starring the former governator, Ahnuld “Fuck the Babysitter” Schwarzenegger. Lol.

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Yeah, keeping my eye out on that new flick, for sure. I hope it’s good, and it depicts Conan in his later age. That should probably be pretty cool. I certainly hope anyways. I got me some hope. :)

And I gotta agree with you, the first movie was just that, magical. I was pretty young back then, but it was unforgettable; in a good way. Doubt Imma ever feel that again lol, but if this new movie is cool, shit’s gonna rock all the same, yeah?

But Arnie with long hair…lol. Can’t wait to see! :D

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Not sure if this something to be proud of. On second thought, no, really, this is painfully embarrassing. Was a young teen when Conan came out and I had then this real military sword that I, for countless of times, used to imitate Conan’s sword exercise. Ha ha!

After each use, I would then wrap the sword in its scabbard with this long black strip of stretchable fabric then hide it in an antique wooden chest. Ah, that kid was just nuts.

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I say, personally, training with a sword is pretty damn cool. :) especially if you didn’t need to but just wanted too :)

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@wildpotato Of course I have :) Batman Beyond was great and as you said Return of the Joker was the high point of that series. I remember watching it when it first aired when I was a little kid thinkin, “holy shit….joker just got super evil” lol. Speaking of Batman Beyond, I think that if in Dark Knight Rises if Joseph Gordan-Levitt turned out to be Terry McGinnis instead of Blake Robin whatever the fuck his last name was, it would have redeemed the movie a bit in my eyes. I mean it still would have totally sucked, but that would have been a nice bit of redemption instead of the huge groan worthy moment it was.

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Yes.. I has stopped me from reading/purchasing comics… I would rather watch the movies/cartoons and save the trouble.

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