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Is my accent annoying?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) January 23rd, 2013 from iPhone

Someone said I have an annoying southern accent.

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No. I have some issues with Bronx or NYC accents, but a southern accent relaxes me.

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I don’t think it’s annoying, I like southern accents, like the one Sheldon Cooper’s mom has.

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No, and your voice isn’t high-pitched either. ;-)

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That was a horrible Southern accent. It sounded like you were from California or something. Very annoying for Southern. Except it wasn’t Southern. Try again.

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You can hardly notice it from your writing.


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That doesn’t sound southern at all.

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Doesn’t sound southern at all, to me. Sounds like California. :)

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Doesn’t sound southern to me either. Just sounds like you are young. Not annoying to me.

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Not at all. Sounds like American Newscaster accent. Very innocuous. And you have a good speaking voice to boot. Consider work as a voice actress.

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It didn’t sound Southern (as in Texas, Alabama and the like) but it wasn’t annoying. You sound similar to me, being from Southern California.

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Didn’t sound annoying or hard to understand to me.

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Nope—not in the least. Don’t let that “someone” discourage you.

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doesn’t sound southern – just sounds like american accent to me? not annoying.

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I’m from the South (Tennessee) and I don’t hear any Southern in your accent. Not annoying at all, but not Southern either.

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