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Do you hate the sound of your own voice?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) January 25th, 2008

..I do

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I think my voice is weird, but everyone else likes it so whatever. It’s deep. I don’t look like I should have a deep voice.

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I like the way I sound to myself, but when I hear a recording of myself… wow, I want to rip my vocal chords out myself. But, apparently I have a really “cool” voice, according to my friends, and college professors and “sound like a radio personality” (hope that’s a good thing), so I don’t think too much/hard about it.

I mean, you can’t really change it, even if you want(ed) to.

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No, but it would be cool if it sounded the same to everyone else as it does to me.

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I agree with phoenyx, its always surprising how different our voices sound when played from a recording, but I think this is just because we rarely hear our recorded voice.

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The bones and tissue in your head make your voice sound different as it passes through to your ears as opposed through the air as others hear it.

With that said, I think I may have only actually met one person who’s voice I actually didn’t like. So I’d say 90% of the time your voice sounds perfectly fine, just different than you’re used to. Maybe the fact that the voice is so unfamiliar, like a foreign stranger is why it can be so unnerving. Kinda like when a puppy sees itself in the mirror for the first few times.

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I do, but the old saying is true I think, you are your own worst critic

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I try to like my voice .Iam so shocked that people seem to always know its me even if they hardly know me. Plus forget about disguiseing it they all say oh hi Great wise one(JKD) and I say what ? Not now can’t you see I’m on Fluther!!! In a real deep voice .

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I like my voice, men seem to love it on the phone…

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I really don’t mind hearing recordings of my voice. I think I sound just fine. Yes, of course I sound different on a recording than I do to myself when I speak, but hearing the recording doesn’t make me cringe or anything.

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I think I sound fine hearing my voice as I speak but I think I sound horrible on recordings.

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So when I hear your voice in my head it sounds one way. When I hear my voice in a recording it sounds another, usually worse and not as I anticipated it should. When most others hear my voice in a recording they say I sound fine and just like I normally do. I think I like the voice in my head better than the voice people perceive.

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Spoken aloud and heard “inside” my head, no. On any type of recording device, yes. I think that’s mostly true for everyone, and I think it may be because you are so used to hearing it from “inside” where it is incredibly distorted, actually, that your brain, hearing how it sounds in the outside world odd.

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my voice sounds awesome!! but it sounds horrible when its recorded :( I hate it…
I wish It could sound the way it is to me… to others =( If it did I would be a singer fer sure :(

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Love it. :)

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I like the way my voice is in my head cause I can sing perfectly and it’s smooth. When I recorded me singing a couple minutes ago it was choppy and rough and it sounded horrible. Now I’m self conscious when I sing cause I kno how horrible I sound. :( I also sound really feminine ang girly and not like a guy at all.

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I thought i was the only one with this problem until i decided to google this question. i have the same problem. i have a beautiful voice live, but when record it, it sounds horrible!!!!! and very embrassing. the same thing is that i have beautiful songs that i come up with and sing but they sound so horrible record it. i Don’t understand why. it makes me very depress. sometimes i wish i wasn’t given a voice like this. It drives me crazy nor can i understand why i have a beautiful voice live but horrible record it. I know i can never change it, and it makes me sad. I wish i wasn’ t me. This SUCKs!!!!

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