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Can you please welcome me back to Fluther by helping me find this song?

Asked by Magical_Muggle (2141points) 1 month ago

I said I’d be a little more active on fluther a while ago, and I’m going to try and stick to that now!
So, to do this I have a burning question that has been driving me up the walls for close on four days now, and at this point I’ve even got cast members from the show I’m stage managing trying to help me (I think it’s starting to bug them too).
Here is a vocaroo that hopefully works of me doing my best to recreate the annoying rhythm. (You’ll finally be graced with my voice to some extent which for some reason sounds like I’m 4 years old (sorry))
I am doing everything possible to not switch keys half-way so enjoy that, no guarantees it’s in the right key at all

Thank you for your speculation and help in advance!!

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Is it a classical piece?
Or modern?

And, welcome back.

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@rebbel I have a feeling it’s instrumental and classical, but that bit that I’m singing terribly is genuinely all that I can recall from the tune, so I could be completely wrong and it’s secretly a heavy metal tune (although I highly doubt that). I haven’t got a clue how or when it even came into my head… but its sooo familiar for some strange reason!

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I sounds very familiar, but I can’t place it… now it bugs me too, damn it! :) Maybe it’s used in some TV show or movie or something? Btw, your singing wasn’t bad at all.

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Here’s another website that might help you find it. I think I know the song you are singing, but cannot remember the name.

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Oops! Guess I need the link

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Haha, could be anything but i’m picking up the instrumental intro to Abba’s Does your mother know.

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Sounds like from the TV Batman series theme. : )

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Sabre Dance by Khachaturian?

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@stanleybmanly THAT is what I was thinking of. The closest I could come was the flight of the bumblebee! Thank you…it’s been driving me crazy!

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@nerdgirl578 I guess you can see why most of the show’s cast are getting annoyed by it too! And why thank you!

@ucme I knew the tune reminded me of an ABBA song but I couldn’t place which one!! It’s definitely sounds similar to the intro! but I think @stanleybmanly might have helped me crack it (or come as close as humanly possible to reconciling this problem) because I can definitely see myself having heard Sabre Dance and then picked the tune up to randomly start humming weeks later (albeit a bit wrong) and annoy the juice out of me.

Something tells me that I’m never going to be 100 percent certain, but these suggestion are definitely helping to put my mind at ease

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Hey, Does your mother know? :D

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Unfortunately she does, and spent an entire day humming the mystery tune (I accidentally ruined everyone around me it seems)

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