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Have you +1'd Fluther? (now with direct link)!

Asked by PhiNotPi (12647points) January 30th, 2013

Although it might not be a “question,” this thread does have a very practical purpose.

When you +1 a website using your Google account, you help tell Google that this is a quality website that deserves to rank higher in Google searches.

Since Fluther is always running very low on traffic (the manager can attest to that), we generate very little revenue, just enough to run the servers with not very much in surplus. Fluther does not have a single employee paid full-time.

I believe that having users +1 this site will help improve traffic flow to this site. By having more visitors, we can increase revenue.

More importantly, this can increase the number of users and the amount of activity on the site. If you have ever went back through time in the General section, you can see how there was much more activity two years ago than there is today. There was a larger and healthier community. I want to see the old levels of activity return, and I want to see this place thrive.

If you have a GMail account, I heavily encourage you to +1 Fluther.

Here is a direct link to a Google +1 button that is tied to Fluther. It may be hosted on another website, but clicking it will upvote Fluther.

Thank you. Should you to participate, you would be doing Fluther a great favor.

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I knew nothing about this. Logged into Google+ on Chrome and googled Fluther. No little plus icons to click. I did share Fluther in my Public Circles.

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Has anyone been able to find the button?

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Actually, try simply logging in to you GMail account. I’ll do some rule-bending question editing to fix the directions.

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I think that the directions have been fixed.

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Are you talking to youself? Three posts? LOL.

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I created a google plus account when it first started, Friended Hugh Jackman, and never looked at it again.

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I didn’t see a +1 button next to the search result. I downloaded the ‘g+1’ Chrome extension and used that.

I have done my part for the community.

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@Seek_Kolinahr: So how is Hugh doing these days?

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Hell if I know. Haven’t checked.

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Logged into my gmail account, That put me in my mail box. Googled Fluther using the bar and got no results (it just searched mail). Clicked on search. It opened a new tab and when I seached and found Futher I did not see a +1.

Got any more directions?

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Will people I know irl be able to see that I +1 Fluther from my Google account? I unliked the Fluther Facebook page because I didn’t want people I know irl to know about Fluther.

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Oh what a tangled web we weave ;¬}

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I use Internet Explorer and I added Fluther using the + share link at the top right of the Gmail homepage. I have since removed it for privacy purposes.

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@PhiNotPi I use Mozilla Firefox.

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Although I bent the rules to edit my own question, I have now provided a direct link to a +1 button for Fluther.

You can find it here. I edited the HTML so that pressing the button will +1 Fluther, not the website that it is hosted on.

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Done! The link on your blog made it a lot easier. :)

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You should all get a Google+ account so I can stalk follow you.

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@mrentropy I have one, but literally never use it. You and I already stalk each other on FB, anyway. :p

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Yeah, but I don’t see a lot of stuff on FB because there’s too many game things (that I don’t play) going on. G+ is cleaner. Maybe you should make a Fluther G+ page?

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