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What do you think the consequences of bullying in school should be?

Asked by redellbabymomma19 (40points) January 30th, 2013

There was this girl who was getting bullied really bad and the principal only gave the bully in school suspension for two days. I dont think that is enough consequences! What do you honestly think should happen? Make your answer personal if you like!

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Maybe make the bully spend an hour in with an ape.

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You think an ape would be nice to a bully? I’m not a bully at all and an ape would make me uncomfortable, not to mention the poop throwing.

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Probably a week out of school for a proven bully and have them make up the time at the end of the school year. If the guy or gal keeps doing it they may not have much of a summer vacation.

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First offense, tell their parents to make their kid apologize.

Second offense, kick them out of school for a week and charge their parents with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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Perhaps bullying is a bit like other forms of violence. The victims keep quiet. Exposing bullying, and giving the victims support should become more common. Schools should be more educated and more proactive regards bullying. I have seen it ruin many lives, well into adulthood.

Perhaps community work at the school or in the community could be part of the payment for this crime. In an area where people need help. That way the bully could learn empathy and perhaps be slow to bully the next time.

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Instead of suspending the bully and giving that person a couple of days off, the bully should be made to attend an appropriate sensitivity training/behavior modification program, coupled with mutually beneficial community service.

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Placed in a locked room & forced to listen Celine Dion songs for hours at a time.

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Well to be creative let the bully spend some quality time with a sexually deprived hippo.

But to get real about it. I think they should send them to one of those programs like they have on Maury, I think it’s called “Scared Straight.” It’s where they send teens that are on their way to becoming criminals to scare them into being good. The put them in a cell with some scary ass inmates who get in their face and scream at them and threaten them. The teens who thought they were so tough, usually ends up crying.

The first time they get caught bullying, suspend them for one day and make them spend their suspension in “Scared Straight.”

The second time they get caught suspend them for two days and make them spend their suspension in “Scared Straight.”

The third time they get caught suspend them for three days and make them spend their suspension in “Scared Straight”...etc.

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The damage inflicted by mobbing and bullying at schools is underestimated. It’s one of the root causes of shooting sprees. Bullying should be dealt with like stealing.

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I agree with @mattbrowne. In my school we had a very small minority population that terrorized certain people, and I saw one big girl get in the VP’s face arguing, scared me to death. It is violent and unacceptable behavior.

The sensitivity training is good, but suspension or further punishment is called for, especiallly when intimidation is involved. People quit school over things like this and it can affect their lives permanently, it’s serious.

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I showed up in my school as a stranger when my dad came back from duty overseas. A couple of kids got in my shit and I beat them up. I never saw anything that looked like a bully for the rest of my life. Thus, I believe that the consequences of bullying should be a painful response. It seems to make it go away.

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