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I've noticed fewer answers per questions, have you?

Asked by NOharmNOfoul (256points) June 10th, 2008 from iPhone

Although I am fairly new to the collective, I have been a “silent” follower for a few months. I’ve noticed a change in the amount of answers per question. Occasionally there are over a dozen in a question but for the most part I see two, three, four etc. Do you see this as well? If so what do you attribute it to?

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im realy tempted to just not post any answer to this one, haha

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Some of us have reached the edges of the questions universe and see repeats. After awhile, it’s less fun to answer repeats.

It’s kind of cool, though, to see the edges of the questions universe.

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I’ve noticed this as well- and have also noticed a lot of new users here on fluther. Like kevbo said- there are a lot of repeat questions.

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iwamoto: see what I mean….thanks for posting anyway…. haha

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some of these questions just really don’t warrant answers

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@Kevbo and TheHaight I see your point about the repeats. Just was hoping it wasnt first glimpse at a Fluther fall :( thanks for posting!

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Some are repeats (as kevbo said), while others are just so simple or mundane that they don’t engender much interest. That said, without some sort of benchmark, it is hard to tell if your observation is true. I imagine Andrew or Ben would know the average +/- standard deviation of answers per question (factoring in time of day, and all), and could tell you whether this number has changed (in a statistically significant way) over time.

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Thanks for your input loser! Glad mine did.

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shilolo interesting you mention the time of day factor because that was something I also thought about but I see the trend moving to even those questions asked in the latter part of the day. Thanks.

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This probably isn’t a very valid reason, but I’ve noticed that fewer questions end up going off-topic and turn in to a mind-warping exchange of oddities (I kinda miss that).

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wildflower I agree 100% that said I wonder if this is due to less traffic or like many have said the end of the question universe is near….

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I reckon it’s a trend. When I first started fluthering, nearly every thread seemed to go that way (personally I thought it was hilarious) and there were regular, at times snarky, remarks made that it was not well received by everyone, so I assume this wasn’t the case earlier in the fluther history. Now it seems to have mellowed out and people are more concise and to the point in answering questions (a bit like it seems to have been previously). Perhaps it’s just a matter of time before it turns again.

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let’s hope wildflower let’s hope.

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I’m finding myself skipping almost all the new questions that are posted. I like reading questions and answers (sometimes answering) questions that really make you think or are about the world and life. Not so much about relationship, technology, cooking questions that have been asked constantly now. Those are questions that you usually easily find on the internet. If this site went back to a more classroom discussion type place I’d be more incline to read and answer stuff. (and yes I know my questions in the past haven’t been the best either but they aren’t as generic as ‘what should i make for dinner’?)

EDIT ooh or I’ll read more random questions like the one I just saw “when did churchs begin to use pews?” something like that I’d have to go back and look. It’s a simple question and it’s easy to find but I like those types because it’s not something you think about everyday. It’s random and quirky knowledge that we can gain.

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automnofage its like wildflower said, the mind exchanges are missing and that goes with what you attributed in your post. Many generic questions out there, although what’s nice about Fluther is the diversity of questions and opinions. Its a catch 22 more or less.

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OK then! Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to think up and post a question that will appeal to a broad demographic and has the potential to branch out and warp! :)

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Haha wildflower you put me on the spot. I’ll be thinking though. I invite everyone else in this mission!

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