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Ugh! He was paid how much? to kiss Bar Refaeli? I wouldn't do it for less than...

Asked by zensky (13357points) February 2nd, 2013

Poor schmuck!

But semi-seriously question: why is this clip being called “risqué ”? It’s a kiss. I’ve seen more risqué commercials involving plants and snails.

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I wouldn’t let her kiss me unless she fucking begged first, you just know that geek was nursing a boner during…highlight of his life, bless.

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That was truly disgusting. I certainly wont be using their services.

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Looks like he was trying to eat her lips. But still, I’d make out with that nerd.

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Maybe he is a really nice guy, with a great personality… Maybe she isn’t shallow and superficial.

Maybe reality is somewhere in the other room…

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Maybe she wasn’t paid 1 million dollars (she was).

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That… was gross. The concept for the ad, I mean.

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I’d take a million dollars to french kiss that guy and a buck for french kissing Bar’s vagina.

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THat was unnecessary and the sounds were gross. The commercials that stupid website has are so tacky and terrible I would consciously choose not to ever use their service.

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It’s an improvement on Hunting Elephants and their Initial Support for SOPA/PIPA which was only reversed because of a massive boycott of their company. I switched away from them to and never looked back. I’ve been really happy with Hover, they use their money to support good things (such as a drive to raise funds for the DNS fees for charities, and supporting podcasts I like).

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