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Sick and tired of celebrities who star in commercials? Who has to be in the last ever celebrity starred ad?

Asked by rebbel (31800points) July 13th, 2010

Do you also sometimes get sick and tired of all those celebrities who do ads for commercial products or show that they are so involved with all kind of good causes or urge us to donate for victims of nature disaters (which in itself is a good thing, the donating).
If there was a sudden agreement among said celebrities that they will from now on never star in these commercials again, who, in your view, is the elected/favorite one to do this, slightly paradoxal, last commercial in which he/she announces that they’ll never do it again?

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I’m all for sincere people speaking up for worthy causes. I’m sick of pseudo-important people flogging products for money. I’d rather some hard working actor (M/F) get the work.
If someone famous for what they do lends their name to a worthy cause without compensation, I’ll watch without complaint.

@Rebbel you raise a good point and I’m sorry my answer doesn’t nominate some particular star.

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The Brangelina Corporation of America.
(Brad and Angelina——for the uninitiated. They do great work, granted…but enough publicity already!)

I think of Princess Anne who works tirelessly for lots of causes here in the UK and does it under the radar most of the time.

That being said…celebrities are asked by organizations to support them. They are asked by hundreds of them at a time. If a celebrity were to turn down every offer of assistance, they would end up with a lot of bad press. So, they are doomed either way.

What I don’t like are celebrities who you know have no interest except to further their own celebrity. It’s sad, really.

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I agree on the sincere (although i think it is hard to measure sincerity, not only in celebrities but in general) and those who do so without wanting to get better of it.
Like, apparently, Princess Anne, of whom @DarlingRhadamanthus talked about.
There are of course lots of people, be they celebrities or normals, that do good work for worthy causes.
The problem is that we don’t see them because they work under the radar, and those that do so on the radar are, i am afraid, mostly doing it to be seen as concerned persons, but with a hidden agenda (read: their celeb status/market value).
But again, there are those (I know of a Dutch soccer player, that (as was found out by journalists) does a good job of providing means and money for underprivileged youngsters in Surinam,) who don’t use this method.

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Usually I don’t mind, but the real aggravation is when the actors in the show I am watching participate in the commercials for the sponsor. I mute my TV during commercials, and when the actors show up, I get tricked into turning on the sound.


I am sick and tired of celebrities period. They entertain, so do the clowns at the circus. But, you don’t see the clowns up giving their unasked for opinion on politics or world topics. But, because they are well known they take advantage of it and promote their own agenda, with a fair amount of success. Like the Jane Fonda debacle. They need to stick to their script in the movies. As for commercials, I would believe a total stranger before I would believe any of them.

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Or Lucy aka “Australopithecus afarensis”
At least they won’t tell you a lot of bullshit.

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