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What's the best tattoo you've ever seen on somebody?

Asked by jballou (2128points) June 10th, 2008
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I met a guy who had portraits of his children on his arm, and I thought that was really damn cool.

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“Do Not Resuscitate”
On the chest of an elderly woman with cancer.
(I was a paramedic in a past career)

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I’m probably (no, definitely) biased, but Maori moko, facial and full body tattooing is pretty impressive to look at, especially the traditional ones that are done with chisels rather than needles. The Samoan style is amazing as well. Moko has had a real comeback recently and you see more and more of it now. More women are getting facial tattoos, too; theirs are mainly on the chin.

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No, tupura, I agree with you. I generally don’t care for tattoos, (except the Edinburgh Tattoo;) but those you mentioned were the first that came to mind when I read the question. They are incredible, as is the music, art, and dance.

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(@Melonking: turn up the volume. I can’t quite hear you.)

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the best is none.

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I just love tattoos in general. I’ve seen so much good “ink” that I couldn’t just pick one tattoo as the best. Its great way to express some thoughts, ideas, and interests. Tattoos are also a good way to start conversations. My bicept tattoo peeks out just a tad when I wear a short sleeve shirt and I get questions and comments all the time.

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Didn’t actually see this on somebody, but it’s out there somewhere.

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@Tupara They’re great until Robbie Williams stole it and put it on his arm
(I’m guessing you’re from the land of the long white cloud) (which part)

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Mine(a king cobra around my arm) and George Clooney’s in the movie “From dusk to dawn”

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@notreallyhere- so will you show us? I often thought that if I got a tat it would be a cobra.

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I need to get to my computer. I’m traveling, hopping to get home by the end the week.

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i heard of this one guy who dyed his hair green, then shaved half of it off from the back, and got a tattoo of a guy mowing the lawn

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I have a girl friend who dated a guy who had “hello.” tattooed on his penis, so that (she claims he said) when it is flaccid, it read “hello,” but when it is hard, it reads: “HELLLLLOOOO!”

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It has to be one of these stylish tattoos.

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Right now I’m still in the novelty phase of my own tattoo, so I’m inclined to go with that, but otherwise, this guy I used to work with had a set of eyes tattoo’d on the back of his neck! That was very cool!!

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to quote Daniel Tosh ” I think people should just get one tattoo saying ” I’m dumb” that way when you’re 30 years older like why did i get this. Oh yeah I’m dumb”

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@waterskier why do you think getting a tattoo is dumb?...Is it because is permanent?...There are a lot of decisions you make in life that are permant too. Do you regret them too? For example: having kids…15 years later I’m still proud of mine

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@notreallyhere, yeah i know, but tattoos are something you cant change. you can effect the way your kids are raised. you cant change a tattoo once you get it. and i know there is tattoo removal but it doesnt work that well. also as we grow the tattoos fade, stretch, and mess up our skin so thats why i dont like them

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I know I have no intention of growing any more….shrinking if anything, so I’m defo not worried about stretching.
Also, can you really change anything once it’s done? Even if things change and you find that if you made the decision today, you’d decide differently than you did 30 years ago, is it so terrible to have a reminder of where you came from? I don’t think so – in the end, it’s part of who you are and you should be OK with it.

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@wildflower, what you said in the last line make sense. its a part of me and i should be ok with what i do, and what i do is not get a tattoo. im not saying i hate people that get them but i would never get one. and there are better ways to represent or remember where you came from than a tattoo

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Each to their own. The tattoo I got a week ago is the runic initial of my name, which means ancestral heritage, I’m from a nordic country and have viking heritage. Also my name is after my grandfathers, which was Ole, which is derived from Olav, which means: ancestral heritage.
So, for me, I can’t think of a better and more symbolic way to show and remember who I am and where I came from.

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To all the people who are making fun of tattoos or saying they generally don’t like them: what made you click on a question regarding tattoos?

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I clicked on the question because it was stated as what was the best tattoo you’ve ever seen on someone. I grew up in San Diego, where most of the tattoos in my early life that I saw were dancing girls with hula skirts. I was totally blown away when I saw the Maori tattoos on my first trip to NZ. It’s hard to compare to those.

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@Seesul- I was wondering more about the people who seemed to answer the question just to flame those of us who are genuinely interested in tattoos

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A guy I once knew has a tattoo of the Converse logo, on his ankle exactly where it would be if he were wearing the shoes. And the other best one I’ve seen is my cousin’s – take your right hand, stick your index finger out from your fist, and hold it under your nose. Now draw a curly little mustache on it. It’s a disguise.

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The faux hip-hop inspired fade crew cut tattoo on porn star Francois Sagat’s scalp, never seen anything like it before, and I think it is very cool.

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