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Best Place to Find Platform (Lace-Up) Shoes?

Asked by CrammaDoodle (189points) February 3rd, 2013

Well, this may seem silly but that is the question.

I recently got a pair of shoes that are lace-up platform booties.
I LOVE them so much, that now I want another pair.

The store I’ve bought them from has no more like it. So I was wondering if anyone has any ideas.
I’d really prefer places that I can go try on the shoes first, because I’m always worried if I don’t try them on first it’d be a total waste of money.

I live in Ohio, if that’s remotely helpful.

They look basically like these: but mine are gray.

The other main thing is… I don’t really wanna pay 100 bucks for shoes.

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I think your best bet would be to buy them on Amazon. I know you wanted to try them on first, but I doubt if most of us have experience with your area.
Sorry I couldn’t be more help. =(

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What color/material are you looking for in the second pair? What stores do you have in your area that might sell things of this style (i.e. Charlotte Russe, DSW, Forever 21, etc.)? All I that would help me to find them for you. I can tell you I’m not going to be able to find you an exact replica in a store because they’re pretty much a direct copy of the $130+ Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boot. I can certainly find you ones that are extremely similar looking (like this pair) but like I said, they won’t be exact, and they certainly won’t be as cheap as you could find them at an online retailer (maybe $40—$50+ compared to $25 or so online). Personally, I would go online for this (I can also help you find a good price at a reputable online store, if you choose to go this route) because even with the additional $6—$10 you would pay for shipping, it would still be significantly less than retail prices, and I may even be able to find you free shipping.

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@AshLeigh Yeah, I figured not many people would actually live by me. But hey I should just Look on Amazon. :)

And @Fly I’d say generally like a suede or something like that, but anything in generally really I’d be happy with. Maybe even a different kind of material for something I could wear in a warmer season. That link you sent me from Charlotte Russe, I love those!
I do have all those stores as well. And thanks for both of your inputs! :)

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Oh my God. xD
@AshLeigh Thanks for recomending Charlotte Russe….
I’ve looked on the website now.. and I LOVE some of the pairs! They have this floral pair I love!
:) Thanks for the idea!!

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@CrammaDoodle No problem, glad I could help! You might not be able to try on that exact pair in your store, but they will most likely have at least one very similar pair so you can get an idea of quality and sizing. Good luck! :)

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