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Have you seen this commercial starring one of our own?

Asked by augustlan (47745points) February 4th, 2013

Our very own andrew (one of Fluther’s founders) is starring in this Blackberry ad, which aired during the Super Bowl. Congrats, Andrew!

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That’s so cool! Who knew there were such cute guys on Fluther!!

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I saw it when it aired, but didn’t relaize that it was Andrew until this morning. Pretty cool.

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Super cool! Thank you for sharing this.

I wish I could turn a truck into rubber duckies…

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Wow, that’s great! Nice one @andrew! (Thanks for sharing @augustlan)!

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So, are they working on the truck-into-ducks feature?

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@filmfann I’m holding out for the firefighting app.

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Does that mean we’re all one degree closer to Kevin Bacon ? ? ? ?

Thanx @augustlan !

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That is just ducky! That’s for sharing this super ad, @augustlan!

I wound up watching more than half of the Superbowl, even though that’s not “normal” for me, and I remember seeing this commercial.

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cool, even though the commercial’s message was wasted on me.

Andrew makes this silly commercial look good. :-)

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Congratulations, @andrew! Really one of the best of this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads.

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Saw the commerical but I didn’t realize it was Andrew. Congratulations Andrew. Yeahhhhh!

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Yep, I noticed that. And darned good job he did.

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He’s managed to tame his hair, too. I also did not recognize him.

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Yay @andrew! That is awesome!

Somehow, I can’t believe that he’s had to resort to <gasp> acting to make ends meet…

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@glacial How do you know it is resorting? Maybe he thought it was just a cool thing to do.

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@JLeslie That was a joke.

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That is awesome.

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Does this mean Fluther will get a facelift?

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Fantastic I thought it was cute.

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Andrew is just as cute in person. Just sayin’

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Dude, that’s awesome. :)
And I agree with everyone who says he’s cute!

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He’s Hawt!

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Well, the commercial was kind of stupid, but Andrew was great :)

Very convincing acting.

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I’m struggling at remembering a non stupid commercial. I thought it was mandatory and important to the success of the product.

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My husband is asleep so I can’t watch it without waking him up. Will someone please say something tomorrow morning so this shows up in my feed again and I don’t forget?

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Awww, I’d much rather watch Andrew than feed the troll.

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That’s really awesome. I saw that commercial and would never have thought I was looking at someone I could relate to. Awesome I tell ya! Just awesome. Thanks for sharing.
@Judi headphones are a godsend for me. I don’t like disturbing others either.:-)

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@AmWiser, that’s a great idea but I’m in a hotel right now. Can’t turn on the light to find them. Tomorrow I’m going to Disneyworld!

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Well, Andrew sure looks like a very handsome young Tom Hanks. And if he could act, he could do well as an actor.

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Brilliant x 100!!!!!!!!!! Great, I hope he becomes a regular in more commercials!

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Oh my! This makes me proud to say that i am a Jelly. Kind of the same as “I knew him when”

Nice Job!

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@mazingerz88 Andrew is an actor.

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@janbb. I did think he looked familiar.

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Here’s another ad you may have seen him in.

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@janbb Really? Tom Hanks is one of my favorites and I miss his kind of charisma and energy as a younger actor. His son Colin does not have it, it seems. Was fantasizing on a sequel to Splash a while ago. Allen and Madison a year later. Andrew would do well as Allen, imo.

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That is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

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I heard the commercial when it aired, but wasn’t watching. Andrew looks good! The commercial could have been edited/directed better, though.

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