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Which Facebook "page" to choose for a Freelance Designer?

Asked by serenityNOW (3631points) February 4th, 2013

I’m going to set up a “page” on Facebook to promote my design work. Thing is, there are six options: It’s for freelance design and some the choices seem similar. I don’t know which one would be appropriate! Here’s a link – Thanks!

Maybe some Jellies are on Facebook doing this; that would help!

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I do not have a lot of experience with advertising freelance design on Facebook, but I would imagine you should use the “brand or product” button. I have a friend who sells her own glass jewelry that way.

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@Hawaii_Jake – I was thinking about that option as well. I’m doing a bit of digging, and I’m finding others use that page setup, too.

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I disagree. A brand or product relates to a specific brand, or a specific product. Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Zanussi – cars, computers, washing machines! I think Facebook is more concentrated on popular brands and popular products in that respect.
I would go with company or business because even though you might well be operating on your own, you are actually providing a generalized service, and not a specific one. That is to say, if you were to provide a service where the same kind of work was used for the same product or brand then maybe product or brand would be best, but I should imagine the work you do – or end up doing – would be pretty varied in content and freelance work does tend to involve working to individual design briefs. Obviously it’s your choice, but if you’re trying to get noticed on Facebook, I reckon that’s your best bet.

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I strongly recommend you don’t bother with Facebook. It is not a web site that people use for business. Build your own web site featuring your design.

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@marinelife does have a valid point, especially when you see this kind of article from the now not so popular BBC
Sure it’s about likes from fake profiles towards brands – but the idea is the same. If the likes are fake, so is the interest in the brand (or in your case – the company I should imagine).
Fakes according to this article go into the millions. Whilst Facebook may downplay this problem as being not significant (which is pretty unprofessional in my own opinion) I don’t think they realize how damaging that is to business – especially to small businesses. If you do go down this route, you may well end up being disappointed. So ultimately, you may be better off taking @marinelife‘s suggestion instead.

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@marinelife – I do have a website/my own personal domain, but I was thinking about trying to add some additional attention to my work. However, I’ve decided to veto my social networking endeavors. Bye-bye Facebook. Bye-bye Twitter. Too much upkeep, and in the time I’m “wasting” trying to gain followers and likes, I can be making kick-ass artwork to add to my portfolio. I’ll still keep my Tumblr, but I’m going to discontinue “commenting” on it, and just post new design work, because it’s so convenient. To be perfectly honest, I hate Twitter anyway, and basically only go on Facebook to email friends, so what’s the point!

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I agree with others: create your own website, with your own domain (ie, blue domino) for a professional appearance. Customers search the web, not facebook, as a FIRST and often only search. You can add keywords, and structure your site so it appears on top of page one, or at least on page one of search engines. Do some homework, or pay a true professional. Be choosy if you’re paying someone, as there’s a lot of crap web designers that charge too much money. Being an artist, your website design and usability, will showcase who you are, and what your own customers can expect from you. offers a lot of knowledge as well, with simple things to more complicated; such as include your info on every page (address and phone) and easy navigation. I recently added facebook as a business only; I have no personal account. As a result, my business cannot like another business until I have a personal account. As a result, my business “likes” no one. :) I don’t want a personal me page, but gave it a try for the business. I was adding something each day, but have changed to adding on Mondays. It is very time consuming as @serenityNOW states, and after less than 30 days, I am unimpressed. A lot of hype people buy into.

However, to answer your question, I consider you an artist, and/or local business. Again, this issue you are already experiencing, only confirms the time element, as there should be a place where you can write in “Designer” . Personally, facebook categorized me as a coffee shop or a cafe, but I’m neither of those, as I’m the coffee roaster that supplies those businesses. I feel your pain. Promote yourself on your website. You can have a facebook page, but don’t allow it to suck all your energies that should be devoted to you, and your business. peace.

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