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Is there any way that I can jog without peeing all over myself?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9835points) February 4th, 2013

I am at a good weight (normal weight range). I have never had kids. I’m 40, though.

Are kegels the answer? Anything else?

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Do you think you have a prolapsed uterus? Sound like a question for a OB/GYN.

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Kegel exercises should certainly help. I’m no doctor, but went through this with a prior love of mine. There are lots of side benefits to Kegel exercises, so even if they don’t do the trick, and you need to get an OB/GUY to take a look and perhaps refer you to an Urologist, you still win for doing them.

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PS It is not a necessary concommitant of aging.

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Listen to the ^^ suggestions, and in the meantime, I would suggest perhaps wearing a pad when you jog. I have the same problem, and I had to wear a pad when I played softball with a friend’s group, so I wouldn’t wet my pants when I ran around the bases.

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@Mama_Cakes This concerns me. Can you PM me why sometime? I’m 40 with no kids as well.

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My mom had a problem with leakage and the doctor suggested Keegal exercises. She never really did them though. Curious if they work or if they are just a lame solution for a problem MDs don’t consider serious.

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Luna Beads will assist with kegels.

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Kegels are actually effective. They involve the same muscles you use to stop and start your urine stream and strengthening them will help. You should definitely have a doctor check you out to determine the underlying cause of this. It’s not just something that happens to everyone as they age. There is an underlying cause.

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Are you perimenopausal or menopausal? If yes, your estrogen levels are jumping all over the place. Low and/or erratic estrogen can cause urogential atrophy, which often results in leakage. I think you need to visit a compassionate OB/GYN who’ll really listen to you and care about your problem.

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I agree kegels should help.

You can also try to stop urinating mid stream when you go to the bathroom. Stop start stop start.

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I just had my yearly exam at the OB/GYN and brought up essentially the same issue. Was told yes, kegels are the answer but it takes practice to isolate the correct muscles in the pelvic floor. She recommended physical therapy with a pelvic floor specialist (who knew such a field existed!) for one or two sessions to be properly trained on the exercises and then to commit to a lot of work to strengthen those muscles, cautioning that it will not get better without putting the work in.

However, I’ve had three kids and so the underlying cause for your situation is quite possibly different than mine.

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