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How well do you score on a grammar quiz?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30549points) February 4th, 2013

This – ahem – timely link showed up in the Guardian today. It’s for a grammar quiz for year six students in the UK.

(I scored 13 out of 14.)

What’s your score?

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I got 14, although I found myself brooding about #1 and changed my mind twice.

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Well, I got one wrong for mis-reading!

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I also got 13, but it wouldn’t show me my answers, so I’m going to be peevish for the next 10 minutes.

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I got 13. But I have drunk two beers, or two beers have been drunk by me.

@glacial: There is a link at the bottom of the results page to look at the answers and see which ones you got wrong.

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@bookish1 Yes, but it wouldn’t open for me. :(

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Ok, this is keeping me up past my bedtime but I had to do it. (Thank you @Hawaii_Jake)
I only got 11 of 14. I was tripped up by the conditional and passive and the prepositional phrase.

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I performed terribly. I need to go back to school it seems. I scored a less than adequate seven. Shocking. To think I actually aced English at school as well.

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I think at this point, I’d probably do better on a French grammar quiz. Haven’t studied English grammar proper since 7th grade or so!

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Eh, Christ. About halfway through it I realized I was pretty much just guessing everything, so I gave up. Then some guy in a suit broke in here and beat the shit out of me with a ruler. my head hurts

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Eh I got a 10… and the link wouldn’t open for me either.

I have an inkling as to what I got wrong.

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Funny thing is when you go in so confident, sniggering at the ease of the questions, that is when you overlook something or misread or misunderstand!

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@ZEPHYRA Yes, that’s very true.

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I scored 11 and I’m gonna go ahead and blame it on the fact that I only started speaking English in day-to-day life when I turned eight.

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9 out of 14. That sucks. Oh well. I’ve been told I’m quite articulate, but my grammar could use some work.

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I got 12 – boo. After high school, I never bothered to memorize grammar specifics like this. Your grammar can be correct even if you can’t name each part of a sentence.

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@livelaughlove21 Yes, I think that was my problem, too. I never cared much about the specifics of sentence structure, until I was forced to learn them in French school. Then I found myself retroactively applying terms to what I knew intuitively about English.

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I gotted five. I had gotted five. Grammar an me been enemies evuh since grampa done been pushed down the stair by her in a drunken rage. Him, I mean.

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I got 11. Some of the terms I don’t recall ever hearing/learning in school, although I did quite well in English. Those terms were: collective noun, abstract noun and conditional.

@gailcalled rarely has to correct me, though, so even though I have no idea what those terms mean, my writing must not be too bad.

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