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Would this action fly in your town?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) February 4th, 2013

Here is a photo of Taza and her child

Essentially Taza is a positive and upbeat person. Her whole life is documented via photography. My question is, is having your kid swing in a public transportation ok? I’m asking for you personally. How about if you witnessed this, would it make you uncomfortable? Are all the people who approve of this just Taza die hard fans? Or is this really not that big of a deal and a positive vibe photo?

Personally I get mixed emotions. Mainly “conservative” emotions and I tend to vote extremely liberal. But my instincts in this situation have me cringing. I’d much prefer to be courteous towards others and not make my little section on the traveling transportation the life of the party. Hm, I might be a little biased but I can’t help but think if this were a child of color, it might be criticized negatively. Again, these are just my initial thoughts, and I can’t help that I feel this way, so sorry if I offend you!

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I’d be annoyed if the kid kicked me in the head whilst doing a gymnastic stunt. But other than that I think its great!

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If they’re having fun doing what they’re doing, leave ‘em to it, so long as it’s all above board and not socially questionable to the extreme. Those people look extremely miserable in the background though!

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Doesn’t seem safe…

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It is an adorable photo. I don’t understand how it is disturbing.

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That child looks really young. What happens when that train lurches suddenly (as they OFTEN do) and the child loses her grip?

Yes, the mother is near, but she certainly does not have a secure enough hold on her to prevent a fall after a sudden violent lurch; so she’ll end up with teeth chipped at best and a concussion at worst.

They have mats down in gymns for a very good reason, just sayin’...

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I think she’s teaching her kid that it’s OK to do this. It isn’t. They’re not on a playground.

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I agree with @Kardamom.

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