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How often do you go to the hairdresser?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) February 5th, 2013

How much money do you spend a month, or a year?

Would you like to go more or less?

Do you enjoy spending time getting pampered and the chit chat, do you find the atmosphere relaxing? How long have you been loyal to your hairdresser and why?

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Haven’t had a hair cut in 3+ years….

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Once every 4 to 5 weeks for color and cut. Resent the time I spend there; the atmosphere is dumbening.

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Never. I usually cut and color my own hair, but my best friend happens to be a stylist and I’ve also let my color go natural, so I get a trim from her once or twice a year. She doesn’t charge me.
I haven’t had an actual, steady hairdresser since I was a teenager, and when she moved away I never found another. I just got used to cutting my own hair. I’ve always gotten a lot of compliments on my hair, so I must be doing fine. :)

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I go about twice per year, and always feel guilty for not going more often. I spend around $40–45 per visit, and enjoy the chit-chat, but only about half of the pampering. Usually, rather than “finding” the atmosphere relaxing, I have to “let” myself relax in that atmosphere. I stay loyal to a hairdresser for as long as he or she cuts my hair in a way that’s pleasing to me. I find that eventually, most of them get into a kind of rut with me, such that no matter what I ask for, they give me the same thing (as if to say, they know what I want better than I do). At that point, I stop going to them and find someone new.

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I’ve gone twice in the last five years. I’ve never spent more than $15 for a haircut. My hair is long and I trim the ends myself every few months to save money.

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Eh, usually two or three times a year for trims or styling, about $30 each time.

I go to the hair salon next door to my job for convenience and I don’t really care who cuts it, as I tell them exactly what I want.

The atmosphere is usually a little stinky and the girls talk non-stop, not really enjoyable for very long for me personally.

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Often! I love my hairdresser. I just was there yesterday lol. But I wont be back for awhile I got a super short faux hawk. The next cut would be bald :/ she would not be happy.

But seriously when I decide on the look, I go about every 2 months to maintain it.

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3 or 4 or 5 times a year max. I like my hair short and always leave it too late when I cut it, because it’s always too big and messy.

I never spend more than £10 for a haircut.
(Only when I go with my mum, where I spend €12)

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I go very rarely, its all terribly boring. I cut my own hair and it looks dam fab.

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I go about every six weeks and pay $35 for a shampoo, cut and style. I tip her 20% because she does a very good job with my ridiculously fine, straight hair. I like going because I like my stylist, but I don’t especially like the salon atmosphere.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl Your hair sounds sexy!!!

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Never, not anymore, I shave my own bonce…sometimes I let the wife loose with the clippers, just because I can.

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Maybe once every year. I usually cut my own hair.

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I usually only go around summer time to get my winter mane lopped off to deal with the heat. I don’t really enjoy it. It just makes me feel awkward having someone touching my hair and what not.

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Every five weeks for color, and every other visit (in other words, every ten weeks) for cut. Color is about $55, cut is about $75 or 80. Therefore, every other visit is $55 and every other visit is about $140. I don’t find it particularly enjoyable but I am friendly with the colorist who has been doing my hair about 8 years. The man stylist owns the joint and I’ve been going there around 15 years.

I’m with @Argonon, I feel awkward having people touching my hair, inspecting it, discussing it.

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I never used to go to a hairdresser, but my barber retired and a hairdresser took over, and the barber near my work closed, so I’m stuck going to the hairdresser. I go as rarely as I can get away with. Once every three months or so.

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Once every two months and I spend £40. I enjoy the time as my hairdresser is a good friend of mine and she knows exactly how I like my hair!

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If hairdressers had more clients like me, they would have closed down long ago!

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I should go every 6–8 weeks, but I don’t. I pay for my sick, elderly Mom’s twice-weekly visits to the beauty parlor, and she comes first. After I’ve paid Mom’s bills, I can’t afford any services for myself. I use one of those root touch-up kits to stretch the time between my own care.

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Never. And I recently learned how to razor my own hair, so I will never get a professional haircut again. Well, I guess I would if I was totally changing my hair and getting a crazy style. But that won’t happen either. It is a huge waste of money that I don’t have.

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Every six weeks for a cut. SInce I have mild vertigo, I come with clean and conditioned hair so I don’t have to tilt my head back over the sink.

$25 plus $5.00 tip for getting me in and out in 15 minutes and not hassling me (and turning down the music) since she is a one-man band and there are no other customers. I have an appointment tomorrow, as it happens.

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When ever I need to go to a funeral or wedding. Or once before Thanksgiving if I am going to be Santa just to get the beard properly trimmed and shaded.

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@Shippy I lurve you! Thanks for saying that, you made my day :)

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I’ve never been to a hairdresser and would never consider it. I cut my bangs, my mom trims the back of my hair. I’ve never colored my hair and don’t have any intention of doing that.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl which part the damn!!! loll

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I went today to buzz my hair off, but it’s a little too short for my liking. It cost $10 (used to be five dollars!).

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@Shippy the whole thing lol everything you said because you speak the truth and not bullshit which I happen to like :)

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Wow, how do beauty shops stay in business?! I thought I was the only one who stretched visits as long as they could.

@nofurbelowsbatgirl thanks for the visual, bravo brave babe!

@SadieMartinPaul That is a really sweet story I work among the elderly and I know how much they treasure their beauty parlor time.

For all the self cutters, I wonder how many have a glass of wine or two before they start?! I admit I have done this in the past. It was fun and sometimes it turned out and if it didn’t I would just slice that piece of etc.. Lol. I also gave myself a buzz once and kept it for awhile, it grew back so soft.

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I go once every three months or so, though I should go more, for color and a cut. I spend about $100 + tip each time I go, $110 with an eyebrow wax.

I’ve been loyal to my hairstylist for over 5 years. Once I got a proper cut from him, I swore I’d never go to another cheap “salon” like SuperCuts or Great Clips ever again. It’s all new graduates and high-end salon rejects in there anyways.

My guy owns his salon and he’s usually the only stylist there when I go. He’s flamboyant, mean, loud, abusive, has a dirty mouth, and triple books appointments. I absolutely love the man – he’s hilarious, talented, and the entertainment value of the appointment alone is worth the price tag. I’ll no doubt go into a deep depression if/when he retires.

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@rosehips that is so sweet to say, I actually feel very liberated and if someone (usually male) doesnt like it, I have decided I dont give a hoot! It does take some courage, but I got tired of my hair defining me and I have realized I have become the type of girl who doesn’t want to be defined.

Thanks so much :)

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I go about once every 5 weeks. I get a number two grade short back and sides and leave it quite long on the top. Then i mess the top up a bit.
It takes about 5 minutes and costs me £6.50
Easy peasy.

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@livelaughlove21: $110 for an eyebrow wax? What’s an eyebrow wax?

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@gailcalled $110 is the total if I get a wax. $100 without. So it’s $10 by itself.

And an eyebrow wax is when you…get your eyebrows waxed. Not really sure how else to explain it. Waxing – an alternative to tweezing/shaving.

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@gailcalled It’s faster and less painful than tweezing, actually.

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It really depends upon her bra size. lol

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@livelaughlove21 Finally, lol I thought I would get a lot more stories of the like.

I’ve been tempted to try waxing but I keep plucking, always ends up the same shape. It takes so long to grow back in enough to tweeze.

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