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Can I put my hair in a sort of quiff style, without being called a prententious hipster?

Asked by NathanESP (100points) July 10th, 2009

I mean..most of those guys have one. “i’m obscure and original, obviously” I’d love a quiff!

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Can you provide a link to the look you’re talking about?

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Like Nick Zinner of the yeah yeah yeah’s only short back and sides and a little more uniform. :S

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Well, Elvis certainly did well with it, but I don’t think its an easy one to pull off nowadays. But some guys still do it well. With the right hair type and facial features…..........time out: just saw your link of Zinner, and checked out some other photos as well. And I say hell yes, go for it! But you don’t want to hear from a 56 year old fart that thinks of Pressley when someone says quiff! I’ll defer any further comment to folks your own age….I’m sure that is who you want to hear from (hell, what do I know about hipsters….in my mind there is but one and only one, the original, the one they coined the term after…..none other than our very own @eponymoushipster)!

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No, you can’t. But who cares what people think? If that’s how you want to do your hair, go for it!

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Thanks! i wanted to see what fluther thought, not the general public i.e. Delinquents.

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Oh “delinquents” there’s alot if those here jk

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Is “quiff” hipster-speak for “mess”?

Anyway, it’s your head – who gives a flying monkey what anyone else says?

so long as you remember to shampoo and condition

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@NathanESP….Well, I’m a middle aged delinquent, but I do like the yeah, yeah, yeahs!
@Tink1113….It’s 2AM, Tink! I guess you napped during the day, again today, right? ;)

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@whatthefluther Hell to the no! :) not today, wasn’t “allowed” to nap today :(
More importantly, what are you doing up??? Napped in the afternoon too?

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@Tink1113….Well, I think sleep is highly over-rated (yeah, I took a nap today….I have to rest these old bones often and for extended periods, sometimes). But you are young and know what you are doing….....fluther on, kid!!!

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@whatthefluther thanks, I just got a new charger so if my battery runs out I can just plug it in, fluther on : ]

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Yeah go ahead. I won’t call you that.

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I think if you cut your hair like that, people would read it as “pretentious hipster.”

But why do you care what other people think?

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As long as people aren’t calling you an eponymoushipster, you’ll be just fine.

I lurve you, epony, even though I freaked you out on Twitter today.

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it looks cute

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